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Supertunia Summer: Blossom and Thrive with Nunan Garden Center and Proven Winners

Let Your Garden Shine This Summer!

This summer, Nunan Garden Center, in partnership with Proven Winners, is thrilled to announce the launch of an extraordinary gardening event – Supertunia Summer. Starting May 1st, we invite all green thumbs, from novices to seasoned gardeners, to celebrate the beauty and versatility of Proven Winners Supertunias, the number one petunia on the market.

Why Choose Proven Winners Supertunias?

Proven Winners Supertunias are not just any petunias. They are a gardener’s dream come true, known for their:

  • Vibrant Colors and Patterns: From bold single tones to exquisite patterns, these flowers make a stunning impact in any setting.
  • Exceptional Blooming: Supertunias offer a long blooming season, from early spring until the first frost, ensuring your garden stays vibrant for longer.
  • Low Maintenance: These hardy plants require no deadheading, meaning they keep flourishing without constant upkeep.
  • Versatility: Ideal for hanging baskets, container gardens, and landscaping, Supertunias adapt seamlessly to different garden designs.

Join the Supertunia Summer Contest

Eager to showcase your garden’s splendor? Enter the Supertunia Summer Contest by using the promo code ‘supertuniasummer’ upon downloading our app and completing your registration. New users will be welcomed with a special gift – a 4.5″ Proven Winners Supertunia of their choice, grown right here at Nunan Garden Center.

Exclusive Benefits for Contest Entrants:

  • Expert Growing Tips: Receive tailored advice throughout spring and summer to ensure your Supertunias reach their full potential.
  • Showcase Your Garden: Submit photos of your garden in three categories – hanging baskets, container gardens, and landscaping plants.
  • Win Exciting Prizes: Entries will be judged by the experienced staff at Nunan’s, with the top 5 submissions in each category featured on our app for community voting. The winners will receive fabulous prizes, courtesy of Proven Winners and Nunan Garden Center.

How to Participate:

  1. Download the Nunan Garden Center app and complete your registration.
  2. Enter the promo code ‘supertuniasummer’ to claim your special gift.
  3. Start planning and planting your Supertunias.
  4. Follow our growing and care tips to nurture your garden.
  5. Submit your garden photos in the contest categories by the designated deadline.

Ready, Set, Grow!

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the most vibrant gardening event of the season. Let Supertunia Summer transform your garden into a picturesque oasis. With Nunan Garden Center and Proven Winners, watch your gardening dreams blossom into reality.

For more information, read the post, or contact us directly. Happy gardening, and we can’t wait to see your gardens flourish this summer!

Photos courtesy Proven Winners

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