Stephen Jr. has been purchasing nursery stock for over 15 years, narrowing down the options to a few key nurseries that have exceeded his quality expectations.  Although about 80 percent of our nursery stock is from the northeast, the other 20 percent is from the west coast because certain varieties grow better, faster, and fuller, which brings down the price.  Ninety-five percent of our annuals and perennials are grown right here at Nunan’s, and it’s been like that for over 25 years.

We pride ourselves on growing the most sought-after perennials and
annuals that will survive in the northeast.

Consulting and Design

We offer a free consultation here if you bring in a picture with some measurements.  We will be able to assist you in your gardening needs for your plant, soil amendment, and mulch requirements.

To further assist you with design, our landscaping department offers an on-site consult for a minimal fee.  We can walk around your property with you and discuss all your needs.

Loam and Compost

Screened Loam:  1/2” screened
Super Loam:  A mixture of loam and compost
Compost:  Nunans carries Dirt Doctors Compost, which is the finest quality organic compost available. This organic compost is a premium ½ inch screened compost best used for vegetable gardens, flower gardens and as a top dressing for lawns.

Bulk Bark Mulch

Black:  Artificially colored
Spruce Mix:   Naturally light brown
Hemlock:   Artificially colored light red
Colored Enhanced:  Artificially colored brick red
Playground: Large woodchips, light natural pine
Midnight:Bagged Mulch and Stone

Bagged Mulch:  Buck Wheat Hulls, Cocoa, Cedar, Hemlock, Color Enhanced, Playground Chips, Pine, Pine Bark Mini Nuggets and Pine Bark Nuggets

Bagged Stone: Marble Chips, Egg Rock, Pea Pebbles, Pond Stone, Autumn Red Stone, Leveling Sand, and Play Sand


Granular, powdered, and pelletized


Mixture of bluegrass and fescue

Our Guarantee on All of Our Products

We take pride in choosing what plant material we sell.  We pride ourselves in the highest quality and in offering a six (6) month guarantee on all of our shrubs and trees that are purchased at full price.  We do insist that, if the plant is not doing well, call us so we can diagnose the problem and try to correct it.  In the event that the plant dies within a six (6) month period, we will issue you another plant or a merchandise credit for the original purchase price.  You must have in your possession your sales slip on all claims listed above.


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