Interior Plantscaping
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Bring Nature Indoors
Create a Personal Oasis

We Create Inviting Environments

Interior Plantscaping creates a more inviting environment in your office using plants, shrubs, and trees with low maintenance. Nunan’s Interior Plant Care Service can help!

What is Interior Plantscaping and Care?

Our Interior Plantscapers will design an interior landscape that places the plants where they are most visible and provide the most design impact, but do not impede efficiency or take up valuable space.

Our service technicians will perform thorough, regular maintenance (watering, pruning, cleaning) and ensure that the plants thrive and remain in healthy, beautiful condition — with guaranteed maintenance, including no-cost replacement.

We also service private homes.

What’s Going On

Nunan’s Interior plant care services can create an entire indoor environment that will stimulate your staff and customers with smells, colors, and textures. Tropical plants are available that will make them feel great about your company! Call us today!