When choosing an arrangement, keep the following questions in mind:

  • Where will the arrangement be placed in your home or the home of your friends and family?
  • What type of container do you want to use for your arrangement? We offer a variety of containers for all seasons to choose from: baskets, clear and colorful glass vases, and ceramic and metal containers.
  • What color pallet do you want for the flowers? Take a look at the room(s) that the arrangement will be going in. You can match the colors to the room or select colors for the season.
  • Do you want your arrangement low or with height?
  • Typically, for a dining table, you might want to go with a low arrangement so you can see across the table. For a buffet or entrance piece, you might want to go with an arrangement with height to make an impactful impression.
  • What is your overall flower budget for your home or as a present for a friend or family member? Delivered arrangements start at $50.00.

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