Nunan’s Florist Supports Communities with Floral and Gardening Needs

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Nunan’s is involved in many of our surrounding communities and reaches out to a wide range of organizations as a way of offering support for their floral and gardening needs.

We also host local garden club meetings throughout
the year in our very own greenhouses.

Upcoming Garden Club Events:

New events are coming and will be updated soon!

We also supply local communities with hanging baskets to decorate and beautify their downtown walkways.

Community Bonsai
Community Lake Weed
Community Flowers

Communities We Beautify:

  • Georgetown
  • Amesbury
  • Lowell
  • Reading
  • Melrose
  • Gloucester
  • Ipswich
  • Middleton
  • Tufts University

Nunan’s supplies free plant rentals for local fundraisers and non-profit organizations.

Organizations We Have Supported:

Community Daisies
Community Tabletop Flowers