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It’s Going To Be A ‘Supertunia Summer’ At Nunan’s!

We are celebrating one of our favorite plants from the Proven Winners family! The Supertunia® series by Proven Winners represents a spectacular collection of petunias known for their vibrant colors, robust growth, and ease of care. These annuals are celebrated for their ability to bloom prolifically from planting until the first frost, without the need for deadheading. Supertunias are versatile, suitable for containers, hanging baskets, and landscape beds, offering continuous color and texture. They are heat tolerant, attract pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds, and are available in a wide range of colors to suit any garden palette. Here are the Supertunia varieties we’re growing for you:

  • Bermuda Beach: Salmon pink
  • Black Cherry: Deep velvety red
  • Blue Skies: Bright sky blue
  • Blue Veined: Blue with white veins
  • Bordeaux: Violet with deep purple veins
  • Hoopla Vivid Orchid: Vibrant orchid pink
  • Lovie Dovie: Pink and white
  • Persimmon: Orange with yellow tones
  • Picasso in Purple: Purple with green edges
  • Really Red: Bright, true red
  • Royal Magenta: Rich magenta
  • Royal Velvet: Deep purple
  • Saffron Finch: Soft yellow
  • Vista Bubblegum: Bright bubblegum pink
  • Vista Fuchsia: Bold fuchsia pink
  • Vista Jazzberry: Deep raspberry pink
  • Vista Silverberry: White with purple veins
  • Vista Snowdrift: Pure white
  • Mini Vista Indigo: Deep indigo blue
  • Mini Vista Pink Star: Pink with a white star
  • Mini Vista Violet Star: Violet with a white star
  • Mini Vista Ultramarine: Bright ultramarine blue
  • Mini Vista White: Crisp white
  • Mini Vista Yellow: Bright sunny yellow

With the vast array of vibrant Supertunia® varieties and colors detailed, embrace the excitement of the Supertunia Summer promotion! By downloading the Nunan Garden Center app and using the promo code ‘supertuniasummer,’ shoppers can claim a complimentary 4.5″ Proven Winner’s Supertunia, adding a splash of color to their gardens. Additionally, the promotion invites gardening enthusiasts to showcase their creativity in container gardens, hanging baskets, or landscape plantings through a photo contest, offering an opportunity to win fabulous prizes.

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