March 2024

Gardening Trends for 2024: Embrace Your Green Thumb with Nunan Garden Center

As we step into the growing season of 2024, Nunan Garden Center is thrilled to guide you through the most anticipated gardening trends of the year. From nurturing pollinators to embracing the joy of vegetable gardening, we've got you covered with insights and promotions that will elevate your gardening experience....

Prepping Your Garden for Spring: Essential March Tasks for Your Home Landscape

As the frost of winter recedes and the promise of spring peeks through here in Georgetown, it's time for gardeners to begin the annual tradition of readying their gardens for the months ahead. March is a crucial month for planting the seeds of your garden's success, and at Nunan Garden...

It’s Going To Be A ‘Supertunia Summer’ At Nunan’s!

We are celebrating one of our favorite plants from the Proven Winners family! The Supertunia® series by Proven Winners represents a spectacular collection of petunias known for their vibrant colors, robust growth, and ease of care. These annuals are celebrated for their ability to bloom prolifically from planting until the...

Incorporating Perennials in Your March Garden Planning

As the final frost of winter recedes in Georgetown, MA, the promise of spring brings with it the excitement of garden planning. At Nunan Garden Center, we're passionate about the pivotal role perennials play in creating a dynamic, vibrant garden. Not only do these steadfast plants return each year, larger...

Supertunia Summer: Blossom and Thrive with Nunan Garden Center and Proven Winners

Let Your Garden Shine This Summer! This summer, Nunan Garden Center, in partnership with Proven Winners, is thrilled to announce the launch of an extraordinary gardening event – Supertunia Summer. Starting May 1st, we invite all green thumbs, from novices to seasoned gardeners, to celebrate the beauty and versatility of Proven...

February 2024

Discover the Vibrant Variety of Tomato Plants at Nunan’s Garden Center

As the winter thaws and the first signs of spring begin to emerge, garden enthusiasts and home growers alike start dreaming about the bounty of the upcoming growing season. One of the most anticipated pleasures of gardening is the cultivation of tomatoes, a staple in gardens that promise both flavor...

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