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Making Fresh Flowers Last Longer

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? They’re colorful, beautiful, and great as a gift to a loved one or as a gift to yourself. But keeping them fresh can sometimes be a challenge, and there are times when the gorgeous flowers start to fade faster than you can blink. To get the most out of your arrangement, keep these tips in mind:

Keep The Vase Clean

It should be obvious, but even the biggest cut flower fanatic can make this simple error. When the vase is allowed to build up dirt, grime, and who knows what else, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, causing the flowers to die before you can really enjoy them. Soap and water can ensure a clean environment for the stems of your flowers

Feed Your Fresh Flowers

When you pick up a Nunan’s bouquet or arrangement, we will include a small packet of flower food. The food contains bleach to help keep bacteria and fungi away, citric acid to help the flowers take up water, and sugar to keep them looking fresh.

Use Warm Water

Warm water is the better option when adding water to your cut flower vase. Before plopping the stems in, let the water sit so that the air bubbles can fade.

Cut The Stems

Even if the florist cuts the stems before wrapping them, it’s important to cut them just a little bit again at an angle. Cutting them allows the flowers to take up water better as it creates a wider opening in the xylem (where the flowers pick up water).

Keep Your Flowers Cool

Flowers stay fresher if they’re kept someplace cool. Warmth makes them open faster by speeding up the metabolic rate, which then causes the flower to wilt faster. If you’re leaving the house for a couple days, keep your flowers in the refrigerator to preserve them.

Keep in mind that most flowers tend to last 7-10 days but some may last longer or shorter. Check with our florists when ordering to see what kinds of long-lasting flowers will be put into your arrangement.

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