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Guide: Air Plants

One of the new, up-and-coming trends of the gardening world are the unique air plants. These interesting houseplants require no soil to grow and very little water maintenance. They’re the perfect addition to dorm rooms, work, or home. Many of them are small, though there are larger varieties available as well. Most varieties will even flower!

Caring for Air Plants

Air plants require very little in terms of care. Since they grow without soil and get their nutrients from the air, they fit perfectly in a windowsill or in a glass terrarium. Place the air plants in a location with bright, indirect light; while air plants like it sunny, they shouldn’t bake in direct sun all day. When watering air plants, it’s best to let them soak in the sink for a few hours or even overnight. Do this every 1-2 weeks. If your house is dry, like in the winter, it doesn’t hurt to mist your air plants occasionally as well. Make sure they dry completely, however, as dampness can cause mold, especially if your air plant is in a terrarium. To dry them out, shake out all the excess water and leave them in a bright location for a few hours.

Signs of under-watering in air plants includes the ends turning brown and crispy. The curling of the leaves will also become more exaggerated when the air plant isn’t receiving enough water. Unfortunately, if an air plant is over-watered and has turned black or brown on the bottom, it’s often too late to save it. Air plants are prone to rotting when there is too much moisture, so be diligent about your watering schedule.

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