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Guide: Cactus Care

Like succulents, cacti are on the rise as in-trend, low maintenance houseplants. Coming in all sizes, shapes, and colors, cacti are a unique addition to the interior of the home or work. To keep your cactus at its healthiest, follow our maintenance steps below.

  1. Cacti love bright light. Place your cactus in a sunny south-facing window or in an area that receives bright, indirect light. If your light source is inadequate, your cactus may become leggy as it stretches out in search of light.
  2. Water thoroughly once a week. Cacti store water, so their watering requirements are easier than other houseplants. Water the plant about once a week during the spring, summer, and fall (active growing seasons). If the container doesn’t have drainage holes, water sparingly to prevent water from pooling in the bottom of your container. This can cause root rot. Allow the soil to dry between waterings. In the winter, you can wait a little longer between watering. These cold months are a dormant period for most houseplants.
  3. Plant your cactus in well-aerated soil. Our garden center carries special cactus soil that allows for good aeration and is well-draining. Regular potting soil is far too dense and holds too much moisture for cacti.
  4. Fertilize during the active growing season. Feed your cactus with a 10-10-10 fertilizer that’s diluted to 1/4th strength during the growing season.

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