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Planning Your Vegetable Garden: What to Grow This Year

As spring approaches, the anticipation of starting a new vegetable garden begins to build. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a green-thumb-in-training, planning your vegetable garden can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. At Nunan’s Garden Center, we’re committed to helping you select the perfect crops for your garden this year, while also providing the highest quality products for every stage of your gardening journey. Let’s dive into some essential tips and exciting ideas for your vegetable garden, including how to enrich your soil with our top-notch organic products.

Know Your Zone

Understanding your gardening zone is the first step in planning your vegetable garden. This USDA classification helps determine which plants will thrive in your local climate and growing conditions. In Georgetown and the surrounding areas we are now designated as a zone 6a. This expands your selections, as well as your planting schedule. With this knowledge, you can select varieties that are well-suited to your area, ensuring a lush, productive garden.

Start with Soil: The Nunan’s Way

The foundation of any great garden is its soil. At Nunan’s, we highly recommend starting your gardening season by amending your soil with Coast of Maine organic products. Known for producing outstanding results, Coast of Maine soil amendments are all-organic, ensuring your vegetables grow in the healthiest environment possible. Testing your soil to determine its pH and nutrient levels is a great first step, and these organic amendments can help balance your soil to create the perfect bed for your vegetables.

In addition to enriching your soil, consider incorporating Espoma organic fertilizers into your garden care routine. Espoma’s line of organic fertilizers, including specialty products like Tomato-tone, is specifically formulated to boost your plants’ growth and productivity without the use of harsh chemicals. Available at Nunan’s Garden Center, these products are ideal for ensuring your vegetables receive the nutrients they need throughout the growing season.

Choose Your Crops & Nurture Them with Nunan’s

When deciding what to plant, consider what your household enjoys eating and don’t forget to experiment with new varieties. Nunan’s Garden Center grows many of the herbs and vegetable plants we sell, ensuring that you start with healthy, high-quality plants. Here are some top picks for this year:

1. Tomatoes

With countless varieties available, tomatoes are a garden favorite. For those looking to enhance their tomato crop, applying Tomato-tone from Espoma, available at Nunan’s, can significantly improve your harvest.

2. Leafy Greens

For early spring and fall, leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach, and kale are perfect. They thrive in cooler temperatures and can benefit greatly from the nutrient-rich organic soil amendments Nunan’s offers.

3. Root Vegetables

Enhance the growth of carrots, beets, and radishes by utilizing the Coast of Maine products to prepare your beds. These organic amendments improve soil structure, encouraging healthy root development.

4. Peppers

Whether you prefer sweet or spicy, peppers love heat and flourish in well-amended soil. Boost their growth with Espoma fertilizers for a vibrant and flavorful harvest.

5. Herbs

Nunan’s grows a wide variety of herbs, ensuring that you can add fresh flavors to your meals straight from your garden. These plants thrive in the organic conditions that Nunan’s products help create.

Plan Your Space Wisely

Effective planning is crucial for a successful garden. Utilize Nunan’s expertise to select the right layout for your space, taking into consideration the mature size of the plants and the benefits of companion planting.

Sustainable Practices with Nunan’s Products

Adopt sustainable gardening practices with Nunan’s organic product lines. From mulching with Coast of Maine mulches to feeding your plants with Espoma organic fertilizers, you can cultivate a productive and environmentally friendly garden.

In conclusion, planning your vegetable garden with Nunan’s Garden Center not only ensures a bountiful harvest but also supports sustainable and organic gardening practices. From soil amendments to expertly grown plants, Nunan’s is your partner in creating a vibrant and healthy garden this year. Here’s to a season of abundant growth and gardening success!

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