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Growing Guide: Pansies and Violas

It’s finally March!

That means it’s time to start planning your garden. Pansies and violas are a great choice for early spring color since they can take the cooler early-spring temperatures.

These vibrant annuals come in a wide array of color combinations and make for a beautiful focus in the garden. When grown in the right conditions, pansies and violas will last until June or even July if the temperatures stay cool enough.

First off, pansies and violas do best in areas that get full sun during the day. For a real pop of color, plant in clusters, but be sure to plant them at least 6 inches apart. This will give the roots plenty of room to grow and establish themselves. Or, for even more color and variety, plant them around where you’ve planted your spring bulbs. The combination of short, clumping pansies and reaching, beautiful tulips or daffodils will create a wild array of texture.

Deadheading is an important step to making sure pansies and violas stay blooming and healthy. Pinch back any leggy growth or dead flowers and watch the plants go wild. Should there be an overnight frost, be sure to remove those dead or wilted blooms.

For the best, healthy blooms, fertilize every two weeks or so. We recommend Plant-Tone, which is a slow-release granular fertilizer that’s watered into the soil. For a quick shot of fertilizer, try Miracle Gro.

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