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Gardening Tip – Caring for your Hanging Baskets

Gardening Tip!

I was given a beautiful hanging basket for Mother’s Day.  What do I do with it to keep it beautiful?

Hanging baskets that are filled with sun loving plants will need watering daily, especially on the sunny, warm days.  They will also need to be fertilized with a liquid fertilizer at least once a week.  Fertilizing encourages new buds to form and keep them blooming all summer long.  You can choose to feed them every time you water, but do it at a reduced rate.  If you get to the middle of the summer and your petunias are getting too long, you can give them a haircut. Doing this encourages them to branch out and you should see new growth.

Shade loving plants may not need watering as much as they may not dry out as fast in the shade. Plants like begonias do not need as much water as impatiens, begonias do better being a little dry.

This past week has been so windy, and plants have taken a beating.  Then we are getting some much warmer weather, these poor plants!  Make sure you give them the TLC they need to get thru these various temperature changes.  Water them if they are dry, fertilize them and if anything has broken in the wind, trim that off to encourage new growth.

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