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Guide: Houseplant Inspiration

When it comes to houseplants, there are a lot of options to choose from and it can feel overwhelming. In this post we’ll highlight some of our favorite, low-maintenance houseplants and their basic care requirements.

Spathiphyllum, or Peace Lily

A common gift for sympathy, peace lilies are a great addition to the home. Their rich green foliage and unique white blossoms offer a beautiful contrast anywhere. They’re extremely tolerant of any light conditions, but they’ll bloom best in a well-lit room away from direct sunlight. Water it when it becomes dry; the peace lily will wilt dramatically when it’s in need of water, but the leaves will perk right back up. A bonus to the peace lily? It purifies the air by absorbing benzene, commonly found in paint, gasoline, tobacco smoke, detergent, and a variety of synthetic fibers, as well as trichloroethylene, found in paint, lacquer, glue, and polish and commonly given off by furniture.

Cactus & Succulents

Probably one of the most common low-maintenance houseplants are the cactus and succulent group. These plants, popularly used in terrariums and clay pot gardens, come in a huge variety of species, colors, and styles. Since they often come in smaller sizes, they’re perfect for apartments and small spaces. Give cactus and succulents access to bright light and minimal water, and they’ll thrive.

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Cactus and Succulents


Calathea not only really purifies the air in the home, but it provides brilliant contrast with its striking leaves. The Rattlesnake variety (pictured) is exceptionally stunning!



Notably one of the most popular houseplants, orchids are great air purifiers and they offer beautiful flowers in a variety of colors. They can be a little tricky sometimes, so check out our Orchid Care Guide to make sure you’re providing your orchid with the best care!


Snake Plant


Sansevieria, commonly known as snake plant, is one tough plant. Able to tolerate weeks of neglect, snake plant is also on NASA’s approved list of the top air-purifying plants.

Arboricola/Umbrella tree


Like the snake plant, arboricola is a forgiving and resilient houseplant, though it performs best when it receives medium to bright sunlight.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Extremely low maintenance, spider plants are perhaps one of the easiest houseplants to enjoy. They adapt to nearly every environment, they’re air purifiers, and propagating them is very easy.

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