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Incorporating Perennials in Your March Garden Planning

As the final frost of winter recedes in Georgetown, MA, the promise of spring brings with it the excitement of garden planning. At Nunan Garden Center, we’re passionate about the pivotal role perennials play in creating a dynamic, vibrant garden. Not only do these steadfast plants return each year, larger and more impressive, but they also serve as vital sources of sustenance for pollinators like bees and butterflies. This March, let’s delve into how incorporating perennials into your garden can enhance both its beauty and its biodiversity.

The Perennial Advantage

Perennials are the backbone of a thriving garden, coming back year after year with minimal care. This enduring nature makes them an economical choice, reducing the need to purchase new plants each season. More importantly, as perennials grow and mature, they provide increasingly spectacular displays of flowers and foliage. They’re also champions for pollinators, offering a variety of nectar and pollen sources throughout the growing season, which is crucial for supporting healthy ecosystems.

Zone 6a March Planning Tips

Understanding Your Garden’s Needs

In Zone 6a, the March thaw is an opportunity to prepare for early-spring bloomers. Start by familiarizing yourself with your garden’s specific conditions, such as sunlight exposure and soil type, to select perennials that will thrive.

Soil Preparation

Proper soil preparation is key to successful perennial gardening. We recommend enhancing your garden with Coast of Maine soil products, renowned for their rich organic composition that promotes strong plant growth. Incorporating these amendments will ensure your soil is well-aerated and fertile, creating the ideal foundation for your perennials.

Selecting the Right Perennials

Focus on early bloomers that will awaken your garden with the first signs of life. Hardy perennials like hellebores, forget-me-nots, and phlox are perfect for Zone 6a, each offering unique colors and textures. These early risers not only add beauty to your garden but also provide early-season food for pollinators.

Planting with Care

When planting your perennials, enrich each planting hole with Espoma Bio-Tone. This starter fertilizer encourages strong root development and helps plants establish more quickly, giving them the best start possible. Remember, the goal is to create a thriving, self-sustaining ecosystem that benefits both the environment and your garden.

Embrace Ground Covers

While some plants like lavender and sedum offer height and texture, ground covers such as hardy phlox play a crucial role in your garden by creating dense mats of color and helping to suppress weeds. These living mulches also conserve soil moisture and provide habitats for beneficial insects.

Looking Forward

As you plan your March garden, envision a space filled with the vibrant colors and textures of perennials that return bigger and better each year. These plants not only create a stunning visual display but also contribute to a healthier planet by supporting our pollinators.

Visit us at Nunan Garden Center for personalized advice, quality plants, and all the supplies you need to bring your garden to life this spring. Let’s plant today for a more beautiful tomorrow.

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