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Smile NeighborIn such a tumultuous time, we all need to smile once in awhile. And when a gorgeous bouquet of flowers shows up on your doorstep, it’s hard not to smile. That’s why we’ve decided to spread a little sunshine on the North Shore.

If you’d like to nominate someone to receive our free ‘Smile Bouquet’, it just takes one moment and it’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Below – Waaaaaay down the page below the comments – Enter your name and email address (your email is kept confidential).
  2. In “Your comments”, add the name of your nominee and add any note you’d like to share about them (If you’d like to keep their last name private, that’s fine, simply use an initial).   🙂
  3. When your nominee is selected, we’ll email you to ask for the delivery address – and we’ll deliver a gorgeous bouquet!

We’ll be drawing 3 names at random weekly!

If you received a bouquet from us, check out the comments below to see who nominated you. And while you’re at it, go ahead and nominate someone else!

Thank you for helping us to spread the word so we can send some Neighborly Smiles.
We’re looking forward to spreading some cheer and delivering a few smiles every week!

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  1. Gloria Poirier

    I’d like to nominate Kathryn Batchelder, my neighbor across the street. As a senior citizen, I’ve been trying to stay at home as much as possible. Kathryn regularly calls me to see if I need anything and she has brought me things from the store many times. She’s busy herself; keeping 3 kids entertained is a full-time job in itself! But she’s just so sweet and caring, always looking out for others. Thanks so much Kathryn!!

  2. Amy Smith

    I’d like to nominate Terry Palardy, of the Quilters’ Quarters. She has made endless numbers of masks for anyone who needs them. She refuses to take payment, instead passing along donations to those in need.

  3. Alyce underhill

    I would like to nominate Nan M. She is recovering from surgery (8 weeks ago) that has left her in pain and lots of difficulty walking and sleeping.. Having this on top of already pre existing physical maladies and the added stress of no social interaction she does not complain. She is a trooper but I know she gets down and a bright bouquet of flowers could be a welcome buoy during this stressful time. Thank you!

  4. Maggie van Galen

    I’d like to nominate Melissa Gilbo! A dear friend and Co founder of Womens Business League, an organization that has helped women entrepreneurs stay focused and pivot their businesses in this crazy time we live in! Thanks for always being there for us!

    1. Nunans Gang

      Thanks for submitting this Maggie! We’re big fans of the Women’s Business League!

  5. cori Stevens

    I would like to Nominate Alexis Robbins. Alexis is a nurse, from Georgetown, that works at MGH. She’s been on the front line since the beginning while also being a mom to two amazing kids!!

  6. Priscilla Jean

    I nominate Suzanne Jean, who is a special needs teacher. She has been working very hard from home to keep her students from falling behind on the current lessons. Each student needs one-to-one teaching.

  7. Candy

    I want to nominate Amy Benoit. She does so much for the Boy Scouts and after school activities. She contributes a lot of he time. She will do anything for the children of Georgetown. Amy’s a fun loving person!

  8. Post<br/>Author
    Tammy Garron

    I would like to recommend Rita Langlais for a special bouquet of flowers. Rita is that person who seems to take care of everyone and is never looking for anything in return. She has a heart of gold and is always happy to help out anyone. You can always find Rita in the kitchen making a meal or baking her famous chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal cookies to deliver to people. Rita is extremely generous, caring and a very special friend to so many. Thank you.

  9. Tracy Saragosa

    I’d like to nominate Cathy Dewitt, children’s librarian. She is continuing to provide story times and activities for our young children via Facebook. It is helping us to maintain some sense of normalcy in our schedule and is great to see a familiar face and hear a familiar voice.

    Thank you

  10. Cat Kalogeros

    I would like to nominate my mom. She is a care manager and due to the circumstances, she can no longer work with her elderly clients. Despite the distance, she manages to keep in contact with them by calling often and dropping off surprises for them. I am in awe of her kindness and dedication. My mom is doing all of this as she grieves her niece, Sarah, who died at the beginning of March. I know that a bouquet of flowers would remind her that sunny days are ahead. Thank you!

  11. Julie Genese

    I would love to nominate Natty Nattahan! She and her 3 beautiful daughters have sewn hundreds of masks and given them away for free for anyone who is in need. They have been instrumental in helping Georgetown stay safe throughout this scary time. Please message me for her address:).

  12. Harrigan Ellen

    I would like to nominate my good friend Maryann. She is a nurse at MGH. Unfortunately, her mom is dying of Pancreatic Cancer right now. So, I would love her to receive some much needed beauty right now as she gives so much to all.
    Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful and thoughtful gesture! Lots of Kudos! Stay well! Can’t wait for Cafe Sarina to open!

  13. laurie warner

    I would like to nominate Diane Boulanger, my sister in law . She’s been house bound since this pandemic started, as this would be a very dangerous thing for her to catch. She loves decorating outside with flowers and plants as well as taking the many classes you have to offer. This sure would brighten her day! Thank you!

  14. Joan Maguire

    I would like to nominate Bea and Dick Boucher. They are long time residents of Georgetown, and are salt of the earth people. They are active members of our community and were amazing neighbors when we lived across from them.

    1. Carol Dobie

      I would to 2nd the nomination of the Boucher’s. Joan is correct, great neighbors to everyone!

      1. sue daigle

        I third their nomination. Every week they help His Provision provide a buffet meal for those that are hungry in Haverhill

        1. Kate Van Dine

          I would like to nominate Maryalice Groves. This woman fought some very unpleasantimmune compromising cancers for the last 2 years to be advised in early March she has reached remission just in time to be advised by the state that she must stay safe at home! Which is where she still is … And looking for ways to contribute by remotely supporting others during this crazy time… A wonderful positive spirit we can all Learn from!

  15. Erin Burke

    I’d like to nominate my friend Bridget C. She is a wonderful mother of 3 and a nurse working through this tough time. She could use a pick me up and I think some amazing flowers would help so much!

  16. Gail Mastrangelo

    I’d like to nominate JoAnn Cooperstein my life-long friend and critical care nurse at Beth Israel Hospital, Boston. She has been a CCU nurse there for many years. She is the most compassionate and caring person to her family, friends and everyone she comes in contact with. I can’t imagine how exhausting and scary this time must be for her. Of course, knowing her, she is certainly more concerned for her family and patients more than she is herself. ❤️

  17. Tiffany Frary

    I’d like to nominate Amanda Bruce of Boxford. Amanda organized the Birthdays in Boxford Facebook group to coordinate birthday parades with the police and fire departments for all the kids in town during this difficult time. She has brought a smile to so many faces.


    I would like to nominate my neighbor Jo. She is a single mom of 2 with 4 foster children. She also fosters pets for the homeless. This women is constantly and happily entertaining her children outside in the nice weather whether bike riding, playing music and dancing or simply blowing bubbles. Those children are dolls to have as neighbors, friendly, polite and happy! It makes my day when I look out and see them. Jo doesn’t seem to have much time to herself, lights out by 8:30p and up by 6:00am to let the dogs out. I would love to make her day and have a smiling bouquet delivered to her!

  19. Jennifer

    I would love to nominate my aunt Louise D., who is a nurse at Beverly Hospital and is continuing to help deliver and care for newborn babies despite being incredibly high risk. She is my hero! Love you guys xoxo

  20. Jackie Lehr

    I’d like to nominate my next door neighbors, “The Golden Girls”. These 3 ladies have picked up our mail and kept an eye on things for the last several years while we were away taking care of our parents and travelling for work. One time it was for 14 weeks! They are the best neighbors anyone could hope to have. I’d love to surprise them with a bouquet from you whole I wait for my own flowers to bloom. Thanks!

  21. Denise McNulty

    I would like to nominate Annette Fortinallis. Annette lives in Senior housing. She is 95 years young. She has been isolating at home for the past 2 months. She has not been able to see family or friends . I know that this isolation is taking a toll on her. I think some beautiful springtime flowers will lift her spirits .

  22. Laurette Hale

    I would like to nominate Rita. An incredible neighbor that brings people together and has worked tirelessly for many years volunteering for various help lines, women’s shelters and suicide watches. We are all better people for knowing her and miss seeing her smiling, laughing face as we listen to music together. Would love to see her smile at some flowers on her doorstep.

  23. Judy Davis

    I would like to nominate Mrs. Caulfield. She is my son’s kindergarten teacher and is referred to as “Mary Poppins” at his school. Throughout remote learning, she has been responsive to her students needs as well as being as accommodating as possible. Her warm and caring disposition continues to make our son smile, even on the difficult days. She deserves a bouquet of thanks and so much more!

  24. Korinne Gallant

    I would like to nominate my Sister who is a hospice nurse working with COVID-19 patients, as well as a mother of three! Her work is incredibly important and hard and I would love to brighten her day with flowers:)

  25. BRAD

    I would like to nominate my mother Maureen who has been our family’s rock through a really difficult and scary time, she deserves flowers and more.

  26. Maryann Czerepak

    Stu and I would like to nominate our niece Emily Lawler. Emily has been working six days a week at Holy Family and Lawrence General hospitals in the emergency departments in an effort to log in hours towards her medical school application. She is often the last person that Covid-19 patients see before they are intubated which has given her a new perspective on the medical field. Plus, not only is she working full-time with shifts at all hours of the day, she is also taking online courses, and medical school entrance exams! She’s a multitasking dynamo with a beautiful smile and soul.

  27. Susie

    I would like to nominate Penney Langlois, who is a retiree herself, yet has stepped up to Home School her grandson and her and her husband have delivered groceries to me multiple times as I have chronic condition that compromises my immune system. She is tirelessly thinking of others and deserves a bouquet and so much more~

  28. Kathleen Donovan

    I’d like to nominate Erin Marie B.. She is a mother of two toddler boys and active member of her town’s various parental groups.. She gave up her engineering job to stay at home with her children, and teaches BARRE classes in a nearby town.She also is a spokesperson ,(and struggling sales person)for BeautyCounter skin care products…..I know she is very selfless and would never even expect such a super surprise and uplifting adventure in her life as this….Thank you…

  29. robin foss

    I’d like to nominate Angela Bonfanti Brown, who is one of the kindest and most generous people I know. I taught with her for many years at Pentucket HS and she was a brilliant teacher for special education students, and supported them throughout all their high school years. She has helped me personally finding a place to rent here in Georgetown. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of Nunan’s generosity.

  30. Bobbi

    I am nominating Jax L. She has been tirelessly making masks for friends, family, hospitals, and various other organizations that are at a shortage of PPE. She is such a kind soul and always puts others needs before herself!

  31. Marea Mastrogiovanni

    I would like to nominate Dr. Marianne Moore, she is such an amazing doctor she goes above and beyond what a doctor does today for their patients. She will visit people at home if they cannot come into the office, she doesn’t notice the time it is when she sees a patient she takes care of them as if it was her family. She has volunteered to work in the hospitals now she normally works in her doctor’s office to see patients. She is always caring about others with a big smile on her face 🙂

  32. Marea Mastrogiovanni

    I would like to nominate Dr. Marianne Moore, she is an amazing doctor that goes above and beyond what most doctors do today, she will visit patients at their home if they cannot make it to her office. She has volunteered to work in the hospitals to help out during this pandemic. She normally sees her patients in her office. She always has a smile on her face and spends as much time that she feels is needed with the patients. She is always trying to help others.

  33. Julie Donovan

    I would like to nominate my mother in law Kathy Donovan. I am a very lucky gal to have MOM like her in my life. She is a very generous and loving person. She always puts other first before herself. I would love for her to be a lucky winner of some flowers and bring a smile to her face. She brings joy to our family everyday. Mom is you read this, we want to say, we love you so much.

  34. Julie Donovan

    I would like to nominate my mother in law Kathy. I am very lucky to have an amazing bond with her. She is a very generous and loving person. She always put other first before herself. I would love for her to receive flowers to put a smile on her face. We love you so much MOM!!!

  35. Linda

    I’d like to nominate Bridget J, a very loving mother, who is:
    –working from home in crowded conditions many more than 40 hrs/week;
    –homeschooling her very active 2nd grader and keeping her challenged and entertained
    when not schooling;
    –emotionally supporting her teenager as he navigates his on-line classes, mourns the loss of
    “real” contact with his close friends and the inability to leave his home;
    –keeping the family healthy;
    –keeping the family and home clean and supplied with necessities;
    –making sure the family has regular healthy meals, exercise, and vitamins;
    –keeping two large dogs contained on the property;
    –regularly checking on her elderly mother and her brother;
    –willing to drop everything to unselfishly and graciously help her parents;
    –doing this and maintaining her balance (sanity?) all while her home is being remodeled.

    I believe Bridget is deserving because she willingly and generously gives of herself to others, and she is always thinking of their well being. Some special flowers for her would certainly brighten her day and bring a big smile to her face!

    Thank you.

  36. Sara Pedersen

    I nominate Michele. She is battling cancer during this crazy time while still looking after 2 teenagers remote learning. Michele would give you the shirt off her back. She is one of the most authentic, warm and genuine person. She deserves something to put a smile on her face.

  37. Kris

    I would like to nominate a dear friend Laura. She lost her husband last week. At a time when you can’t even gather people and have a funeral. I think flowers might brighten her day

  38. Sarah Froio

    I would like to nominate my awesome friend and neighbor Tracy Flint. Not only is Tracy a mom of two little kids, she is a Radiation Therapist working through these tough times. Tracy always has a great attitude and a smile for her patients AND her neighbors! Flowers would be such a wonderful way to show her how much she is appreciated!

  39. Jessica Madigan

    I would love to nominate my grandmother Peggy Roberts aka Mem. She is an amazing person and one of my best friends. Social distancing has been hard for her and my pep as we are a tight knit family. She is use to watching my nephew and my kids and hasn’t been able to for quite some time now
    Hoping these flowers bring a smile to her pretty face. We love you!

  40. Deborah Gray

    I would like to nominate my friend Brittany L. We have been best friends for over a decade. This pandemic has really put her life on hold and I would like to send her some color. Thank you for spreading beauty to others.

  41. Terri Madigan

    I would like to nominate my friend Carole P. She is a wonderful and strong woman. She lost the love of her life to this horrible virus and still shows her love and concern for others. She has sad days, so I want to bring a little smile to her face.

  42. Lesley Whittier

    I would like to nominate Mary St Laurent. She is my tiny neighbor who turned 94 during this pandemic. I get her mail(she can’t reach) and do some errands for her. Very sweet young lady!!!

  43. John

    I would like to nominate my mother Frances she is a constant in our lives and she is a constant in the lives of many people in our community. She’s baking for the neighbors she’s on the phone trying to solve their problems and making phone calls to people she knows that need a lift and a positive comment. Anyone that knows her especially during this time knows they can ask a favor and if she can’t do it she will find somebody that will she brings joy to other peoples lives she loves flowers and a special bouquet would mean so much to her

  44. Laura

    First,I think this is amazing,so thank you!
    I’d like to nominate Alicia, my cousin. During this time,she is living with and managing the care of her father who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She is also managing the care and living with her mother who has Parkinson’s. There are days when talking with her,I know this is taxing on her but she continues on. This would give her a moment to smile,a moment to know how others are grateful for her and all that she is doing.

  45. Aili Cervenka

    I’d like to nominate my neighbor, Robin Gallant. She’s a nurse at Lawrence general hospital and has been on the front lines fighting. Plus, it was her birthday last week. She misses spending time with her granddaughter and some flowers would bring a smile to her face.

  46. Diane Slowikowski

    I would like to nominate Jen Studer from CrossFit 133. She has been an absolute rock in motivating members to keep with the exercise program they are currently offering online.

  47. Ashley

    I’d like to nominate Dr. Matthew McGovern.
    Day after day Dr. Matthew has been going into the office to help those with pain and in need of chiropractic care. Putting his own health at risk, he continues to serve the community and help to keep those in pain away from the hospital or a doctors office.
    So proud of the man he is.

  48. Michele Sherry

    I’d like to nominate Terry Pallardy. Not only has she been making masks that she gives away to anyone who needs them, she also donates materials for others to make masks. In addition, she mentors young sewers at her Quilters’ Quarters shop and manages a scholarship program in her husband’s name. She does this and lots more, and deals with health conditions that put her in a high risk group for covid-19. Can’t think of a more deserving recipient of a little floral joy.

  49. Jennifer Miller

    I’d like to nominate Andrea B. A friend and neighbor of mine. Busy mom of 3 by day and respiratory nurse by night, saving lives at Boston’s Mass General hospital.

  50. Jenn Rowell

    I’d like to nominate Amanda Harding! She works so hard to continue to run the ship that is Perley integrated preschool while seamlessly caring and teaching her own three children at home!

  51. Peggie

    I would like to nominated Theresa W., the Director of the West Newbury Council on Aging. Along with her duties she is delivering Meals on Wheels, grocery shopping for Seniors and residents who are unable to go shopping as well as other errands for residents. Her days are long and she does it with a smile.

  52. Jill Sandler

    I’d like to nominate a very thoughtful, caring person D.P. who is helping many people in many different ways during this tough time

  53. Jennifer Pollard

    I nominate Jane Sokol. She’s the assistant office manager at a local pediatric office where I am a nurse practitioner. While many of her staff have been unable to come to work during this harrowing time, Jane has been there every single day. She helps keep our spirts up and has been the glue that is holding the office together.

  54. Dianne Newton

    I would like to nominate my mom, Fran Legere. My dad has multiple health issues and my mom is a true champ when it comes to his health care. Many times she serves as his nurse without having the degree of a nurse. She takes such good care of him, often times sacrificing her own needs. She’s a strong woman!!

  55. Joe

    I would like to nominate my wife Emily Hanson who is a nurse working on a COVID floor. She is an incredible nurse working hard to fight this awful battle. She always comes home stressed but positive that this can be beat. She works with an amazing team of healthcare workers who are working hard to help others while putting themselves at risk. All the healthcare workers in this county are hero’s and deserve so much!!

  56. Trisha Lewis

    I’d like to nominate my sister, Krista Niles. She is a first grade teacher at Page School and has gone above and beyond to create meaningful connections with her students during this difficult time. She even makes fun weekly deliveries to their homes to brighten their spirits! Thankful for her hard work as well as all the other teachers who are trying to keep things as “normal” as possible for our kiddos!

  57. Maureen I.

    We would like to nominate Beth C. for a delivery of flowers. Beth (a supportive inner city middle school teacher and mother of 2) and her family are members of an all-volunteer performing arts group that has raised almost $800,000 for cancer research for 11 years. When the group’s production was postponed from April until October, Beth didn’t stop working to make a difference. She started making masks using the group’s logo bandanas. She continues to distribute hundreds of masks to group members and their families who are front line workers, as well as her own family and friends. She and her husband also spread sunshine in their town by initiating car parades. We would love to make her feel special with a beautiful bouquet delivery. Thank you for this lovely gesture!

  58. Lauren Brown

    I would like to nominate Amanda Girard who is an amazing Spanish teacher at Georgetown High school who,in addition to teaching high school and going to graduate school herself, has taken on a group of “third grade think tankers” where she sits on zoom with her daughter and these girls and helps them with their school work EVERYDAY! She has made such a difference in these little girls lives and their parents. We are so blessed to have her and she truly deserves some sunshine to be delivered to their door!!

  59. Katie Casey

    I would like to nominate Gerry Hackett. She has been making so many masks for all the hospitals in Boston and is working a full time job. We just lost our amazing grandmother last year who was the center of all of our universe and since she passed Gerry has taken it upon herself to make sure that everything for our Papa is taken care of and has really been such an angel to our entire very large family. She loves to garden and she loves nunans very much and makes multiple trips there to fill her backyard with flowers and veggies. I know this would brighten her day to receive

  60. Anne Beaumont Mill

    Hi there,

    I’d like to nominate Terry Palardy from Georgetown. Terry is a sweet lady. She has been sewing many masks for everyone since day 1 and also collected money for the kids lunch program at PennBrook for the kids in need so none of them go hungry. She is very dedicated to our community and always helps anyone in need . Thanks for all you are doing Terry!

  61. Sharon maxwell

    Shannon is an amazing mother, teacher, friend and inspiration.

  62. Jaime lima

    I would like to nominate Tanya Norris. She has made an outstanding number of masks and scrub caps for local families and hospitals. All for free while teaching and caring for her 3 small children. Here sense of community and caring has been inspiring.

  63. Martha

    I’d like to nominate my sister Mary who has worked her entire life taking care of the elderly. She’s currently working in a facility caring for her patients through this pandemic, giving them extra love while the patients can’t have visitors. She truly loves all her patients! Additionally, she will turn 60 herself on May 11!

  64. sue daigle

    I third their nomination. Every week they help His Provision provide a buffet meal for those that are hungry in Haverhill

  65. Cathy Sullivan

    My 90 year old mom, Raema Ornsteen, has been home alone for the past 6 weeks with all of her family checking in via phone from near and far. We shop for her and try to keep her safe! she is normally very active and not used to being home! She takes walks in her neighborhood but pretty much that’s it. She just found out she will be a great grandma in November so has something to look forward to! Flowers would add cheer in this dreary weather and situation we are all in!

  66. Karen Guay

    I’d like to nominate my mom, Rosemary Swenson. She injured herself gardening last June and after a long hard 10 months she is finally better. She loves yard work and gardening and is now able to do that again. Flowers and plants bring her such joy. With Mother’s Day around the corner this would be a great time for her to receive a beautiful bouquet.

  67. Kimberly Lien

    I nominate my dear friend , Leanne D.
    Leanne lost her husband of 25 years , who was only 51 years old this past Saturday.
    Leanne and her husband have 2 children ages 14 and 16.
    Her husband will be missed and my prayers are to give Leanne and her children strength and support during this difficult time

  68. Dianne Arsenault

    I’d like to nominate Susan Arsenault. She is my sister in law. She is a living angel. She has been shopping for the senior citizens In town and has been making lots of face masks for the community

  69. Robin Bornstein

    I’d like to choose Mary Loder, my landlady, who has been literally stuck alone in her house since November after surgery. She is depressed and could use a happy surprise in her life.

  70. Linda Meiggs

    I would like to nominate Marie Cummings. Marie puts everyone else first and is the type of person that would give you the shirt off her back if she thought you needed it. A caregiver to four generations as well as her clients, she would often come in to work early or stay late to accommodate customers! Truly a salt of the earth and caring person, Marie asks for nothing personally, but is always ready to lend a hand! A worthy recipient of a little ray of sunshine!

  71. Cheryl Floyd

    I would like to nominate Bernadette Forti, my very good friend and neighbor. Bernie, along with her wife Susan runs a non profit home & program for Veterans. During the pandemic she has been working 12 hours a day to make sure everything in the program is running smoothly , while keeping the staff and residents healthy. Bernie is always taking care of others (the resident Vets love her) , stressed to the max, and exhausted. I would love to see a big smile on her face with a surprise bouquet and btw, she loves flowers and gardening! Thank for your consideration.

  72. Nicole Ivone

    I would like to nominate my mother in law! She is still working for the police department and on call fire department. This is such a hard time without her being able to hug her grand babies! She deserves something special ❤️

    1. Janet

      Thank you so much Nicole Ivone and Nunan’s Florist, you guys made my day. This is such a wonderful think that you are doing. I’m the luckiest mother-in-law !

  73. Lori

    I would like to nominate my elderly neighbor Paula who always reaches out to me to check on my family to see if we are safe since we work on the front lines. Her and her husband are the kindest people ever and are always helping others!!

  74. Beth Castantini

    I would like to nominate my mom, Donna C. She is a 4th grade teacher who is retiring this year and unfortunately did not get the chance to close out her last school year as she had planned. However she is finding creative ways to teach her students virtually and putting in any extra effort needed to accommodate her students’ needs. This bouquet would really brighten her day!

  75. Lindsay

    I would like to nominate Sally Y. She would visit her husband daily (unless blizzards or Dr. appts) at Penacook Place after his stroke 3 years ago. She brought sunshine and cheer to all the residents, their family members and employees. She lost her husband to pneumonia and covid last week.

  76. Dina Mangano

    Hello Nunans! I think this is a wonderful thing your doing! I would love to nominate my mother Tricia Howell. My mom is a selfless woman, loves her family, friends & her community, especially her “pantry family “. My mother, along with help from my father and wonderful volunteers, have been running a food pantry & serving our community for over 15 years. She runs The Abundant Food Pantry at New Life Community Church in Georgetown. My mom has a comprised autoimmune system, therefore she needs to be very cautious during this Covid Pandemic. This has not stopped her from collecting donations of money, gift cards and delivering boxes of groceries to family’s & individuals in need. My mother, my best friend, my role model, is so deserving of a beautiful bouquet of flowers…. knowing her she’ll find a way to share them with others! Thank you

  77. Jamie Stevens

    I would like to nominate my friend Elizabeth L. Shes a mother of two and helping the elderly always checking on her neighbors and friends, she has a huge heart and I know durring these hard times these flowers would cheer her and her daughter up!

  78. Joanne Blanchette

    I would like to nominate my very social friend; Teresa E. Having recently found out she has cancer; and now having to go to treatments alone; then having to work from home because of the virus could be extremely daunting , but she just amazes me and so many others with her upbeat attitude and huge smile. It makes you realize that attitude is everything. Love you girlfriend!

  79. Melissa Crowley

    I would like to nominate my neighbor, Cheryl B. She is always goes above and beyond and is genuinely kind. We have had some health issues in our family in the past five years and she’s always finding time to cook us home cooked meals and finds a way to help us out. I’m lucky to have a neighbor so thoughtful!

  80. Mary Collins

    I would like to nominate my sister Gail who is a nurse. During this time it would be nice to come home from work at a Boston hospital.

  81. Noreen Berkland

    I would like to nominate my neighbor, Jerelyn Anderson. She works tirelessly at a fundraiser that she started to bring beautiful personal face and skin products to our front line workers. I would like to thank her for all that she does.

  82. Jean Marie Marchetti

    Nominating my neighbor, Ms. Vicki. She is a kind, caring person who lights up our neighborhood. She calls neighbors to check on them, has run to the grocery store for many of us to keep us away from the store, & she takes beautiful care of her property. She always has a smile on her face & will share a funny story which always makes you feel happy especially during these difficult days. She is very deserving of a bouquet of smiles because she delivers smiles to many of her neighbors!
    This is a lovely idea! Thank you very much for the opportunity!

  83. Meagan Eldridge

    I would like to nominate my best friend’s mom Karen. She has a total of 5 kids (ages 16-26) and 4 (ages 16-22) of them are still at home. She is also caring for both of her in laws who are living with her and her husband (we are up to 8 people in this house right now) and are in a mental decline. This woman is a saint I have never understood how she does it. Let me add though, her husband works at Mass General, so he is currently living in a camper in their back yard (okay back down to 7 people in the house). Any way, needless to say she would love the surprise and is in dire need to social distance alone! 🙂

  84. Meagan Eldridge

    I would like to nominate my best friends mom, Karen. She is an absolutely incredible woman and I don’t how she is surviving social distancing. She has a total of 5 kids and 4 of them are living at home currently. On top of that she has welcomed her in-laws into her home so she can care for them as they both don’t quite no what is going on around them. Finally on top of this, her husband works at Mass General so he as been living in the trailer in their back yard and not able to help with the kids and his parents. This woman truly is a saint and would love the surprise!

    Thank you for the thoughtfulness and the opportunity!

  85. Meagan Eldridge

    I would like to nominate my parents! Both of their birthdays are in May and they have been taking care of my grandparents through all of this!

  86. Alix Day

    I’d like to nominate my friend Margaret C. She is one of the most caring, generous people I know, and has spent years of her life as a nurse helping others. She deserves the happiness a lovely bouquet would bring.

  87. Beth Raucci

    Hi, what a great idea! I would like to nominate my elderly neighbor Jim. HIs wife passed away in March and he is all alone. He and his wife loved plants and I think it would brighten his day!

  88. Adrienne Collamore

    I’d like to nominate my dear friend Marianne Grise. She has been a pillar of light and support during not only the pandemic but some trying times at home. She’s always available to lend an ear whether for emotional catharsis or gardening fun. I know that social distancing has been difficult for her and with her birthday just before Mother’s Day I know a bouquet would bring her joy.

  89. Martha Emery

    I’d like to nominate my sister, Susan L. She has been hard at work making masks. She volunteers at the Methuen MSPCA and is an all around caring person. She is a shining light in my life and in the lives of so many others.

  90. Debbie Cook

    I’d like to nominate my neighbor Beth. Mother of four, works two jobs, always willing to help others. Great Mom great friend!

  91. Sarah

    I would like to nominate Jenna because she is a nurse in Boston and this has been very hard on her and her family. Even though its hard, she keeps going in for every shift and even for extra shifts when needed.
    She deserves a lot of love right now!

  92. Michaela B

    I would like to nominate my mother, Margo! She is the best Nonnie in the whole wide world and we miss her. Love Camden, London and Colby

  93. Ann

    To thank the staff at Halcyon House across from Holy Family Hospital to not only caregivers but love givers while the families have been unable to visit.

  94. Maryann Czerepak

    Stu and I would like to nominate Hanna Lawler (sister of Emily who we also nominated). Hanna is a full time student at UNH and is also working many hours at Market Basket in Newburyport MA even with the Covid 19 outbreak. She also uses here extraordinary baking talents to send goodies a few times a week with here sister Emily who works in the emergency rooms of Holy Family and Lawrence General. Her positive attitude and beaming smile and infectious laugh quickly make your feel that we will indeed be in a better place as a society after this epidemic.

  95. Taedra Turco

    I’d like to nominate Maria Martellucci. She is the strongest woman that I know as she battles cancer head on. She still goes out for sunrises and sunsets and picks up trash along the way. She keeps a smile on when she needs to, which is often with two young children to take care of. Maria loves the earth and all its beauty which is why a bouquet of flowers would brighten her day a little more!

  96. Beth

    My sister Mary is a retired nurse who is home bound as she had a heart transplant. Mary is a very social person and this staying home has started to impact her mentally well being. She still is always thinks of others, calling to check on family and friends. would be so nice to brighten her day.

    This is so nice what you are doing so thoughtful.

  97. Jamie

    I would like to nominate Lauren M. She’s an amazing co-worker, working from home with her two young kids. Flowers would brighten her day!

  98. Viki Ouellette

    I would like to nominate my 90 year old mom who is living alone through this pandemic in her own home. I know how lonely and sad she is to only see us through her door and this would bring a much needed smile to her face. Her birthday is next week, this would mean a lot to her.

  99. Pamela Sambuco

    I’d like to nominate my good friend Cheryl for your free flower delivery. She is the most selfless person I know. She is always doing things for others and most especially during this pandemic. Cheryl has lifted my spirits multiple times these past few months. I’d love for her to be surprised with your flowers. I always say, “Everyone should have a Cheryl in their lives!!”

  100. william schirmer

    We’d like to nominate Mary Faxon who is the receptionist at Edgewood Retirement Community..
    She is the first person to greet you when you enter Edgewood. She goes above and beyond the call of duty for all the residents living here. Her smile and sense of humor brighten your day. If you need something or want to know something, just ask Mary. She is the driving force that makes Edgewood Edgewood.

  101. Judith Paolini

    I would like to nominate Alisa B to receive a bouquet. She is a treasured friend who lost her beloved father to COVID_19 two weeks ago. I am on the site because I intend to send her a gift card for something to plant in his memory and saw this very thoughtful gesture the garden center is doing. I hope you will consider sending her a bouquet – she could really use some cheer right now!


    I would like to take this opportunity to nominate my mother-in-law Patty P. She is awfully missed at this time as we have had to keep our distance. Patty has many passions. One is to cook. She absolutely loves to cook and always makes time to prepare a meal for us when she’s not working. She is also passionate about gardening. She absolutely loves it! Patty is also a dedicated nurse and has been on the front lines of this epidemic. She is kind-hearted, loyal and compassionate. We miss her!

  103. Laurie McKechnie

    I would like to nominate Jacqui M. to receive a bouquet. She is a wonderful friend and nurse who is caring for people in their homes. She is one of the hardest working mom’s that I know and provides amazing care to her patients. Flowers would help brighten her day during this stressful time for healthcare workers.

  104. Maria Messina

    I would like to nominate my mother Marilyn M she is 80 years old with leukemia. She is doing very well!
    However she is not allowed outside for her health. She misses being outside. A bouquet would certainly brighten her day and bring a little spring cheer in to her!
    Thank you!

  105. Maria Messina

    I would like to nominate my daughter Monica K
    She is a nurse in Boston.
    She is truly a hero in my eyes.
    She also has a child that turned 1 this week! She is an amazing mother ,wife and nurse. Always putting other first.
    Thank you!

  106. Brenda Freitas

    I would like to nominate my neighbor Lyn W.

  107. Alexandra McConnon

    I would like to nominate my beautiful mother, Jane McConnon. I have so many wonderful memories of going to Nunan’s with her when I was growing up. Whether it be spring time with the smiling pansies or Christmas time with the spicy smell of Balsam, going to Nunan’s together was always a magical memory that I will forever chesrish. I also want to thank Nunan’s for making her 69th birthday extra special this year by delivering her birthday bouquet in time. It was the first day of social distancing and we had to cancel our sleepover birthday celebration so we were both very sad. However, when she saw the lovely flower arrangement left on her front porch, it brightened up her day. My Mom always deserves to feel happy and appreciated and I would love for her to be picked. Thank you Nunan’s!

  108. Courtney

    I would like to nominate my sister in law Caroline. She is a great mom to her sweet little girl, and she is going to be a great mom to her baby boy coming in June! She and I are very close, we always have a funny sister picture when we are pregnant and we won’t be able to do that with this baby. I thought since we can’t make each other smile in a photo, I would love to make her smile with your beautiful flowers.

  109. Amanda C.

    My daughter has been making cloth masks and donating all to local organizations including hospitals, food kitchens, fire departments, etc.

    She has been working hard making masks with her scrap material and by using donated materials.

  110. Tim MacDougall

    I would like to nominate my wife, Lori MacDougall. Not only is she working her 12-hour shifts at Boston Children’s Hospital, but she has had to care for her sick mother and father who were kicked out of the nursing home just prior to the lockdown. She still manages to take care of the rest of us (husband, 2-kids, 2-dogs) without missing a beat and always with a smile!

  111. Carl

    I would like to nominate my daughter, Claire, an RN at MGH. She is ideal for this role – a smart, dedicated, humorous and compassionate young woman. She is living alone in Boston during this critical time to help insure that her family is not exposed to any unnecessary risk. We are so proud and love her to the moon and back!

  112. Joni Johnson

    I’d like to nominate Michelle Jimenez. She is a Physical Therapist for Anna Jaques Hospital. With the COVID crisis going on, she was “deployed” from her position and reassigned to become an AJH Health screener at the Amesbury Health Center, where Anna Jaques has a Radiology Dept, Lab for Blood draws, Employee Health/Occupational Health and other miscellaneous offices.
    She shows up to work 10 hour shifts and screens everyone entering the building, asking questions regarding their current health situation, and giving out masks to everyone. This is not what her given profession trained her for, but she shows up daily with such a positive, energetic attitude! You can feel her smile behind her mask! I work in the building and look forward to encountering her daily. She ROCKS!

  113. NAncy Gray-smith

    I would like to nominate my daughter Heather Riowe who is working for time at home with two young children and her daugher”s May 6 birthday is a trip to visit your baby goats! Her daughter loves gardening with her and we are growing your lemon trees all year long! Thank you!

  114. Nancy

    I would like to nominate Kristin and her family who lost someone to the virus❤️

  115. Patrice Kellogg

    I would like to nominate my sister who is giving free life coaching sessions to nurses in crisis working covid. She has a supporting so many essential workers! She is one of many “covid” hero’s!

  116. Jackie Tinsley

    I would like to nominate Sandi Coleman. She works tirelessly on a volunteer basis with the Billerica Food pantry. Without her, the program wouldn’t be ass successful as it is and reach as many residents.

  117. indyjerry

    I would like to nominate Sheila Kataria-Mullins. She loves gardens but is stuck home from work at Seacoast Furniture because of the quarantine. With Spring here, she desperately needs cheering up with a bright bouget!

  118. Sue

    Men love flowers to you know! That’s why I want to nominate my husband Richard. He has been a trooper taking care of projects around the house and listening to me about being extra safe wearing mask and gloves when we are out during Covid19. Being an older fella’ I make sure he stays in the car when I go to the grocery store . He waits so patiently with our pups while I go in and get our supplies. If anyone needs help with anything he is always available. I want to turn the tables and give him a with a flower delivery ….

  119. Charlene Mead

    I would like to nominate Barbara Schiff. She had heart surgery on March 5, successful, but with some complications. She is at home with 24/7 care and could use a little cheer. She was President of the Boxford Village Garden Club years ago and was an avid gardener.

  120. Angela C

    I would like to nominate Joan K, she has been making masks and caps for nurses for the past several weeks.


  121. Tara Grajal

    I would like to nominate Sue. She is a senior at home being responsible and using her time to make masks for her family and neighbors. She has painstakingly tried many patterns until she found the perfect fit and is offering happy fabrics for children’s masks as well. She also drives to Lynn, MA to take care of her 95 year old father who lives alone so that others don’t need to potentially expose him. She continues to stay positive and shows gratitude for all of the simple blessings in life.

  122. Angela C

    I would like to nominate Tracy F. She recently lost her job in a Covid 19 related downsizing and is struggling to get her unemployment claim approved even a month later due to an error her former company made.

  123. Meagan Schmitt

    I’d like to nominate our neighbor. Meg. She’s a nurse and is working a lot and taking care of two girls. Thanks for being awesome!

  124. Jennifer Burgey

    This is a wonderful gesture! I’d love to nominate Kim Senko for her amazing ability to obtain a masters, while working full time as a special education teacher, taking care of her two children and mother. She is incredible!

  125. Lisa Traveis

    I am nominating my sister, Andrea. A nurse and mother to three incredible young women.

  126. Tricia Coffey

    I’d like to nominate my colleague Shannon M. She has been thru the bumpiest patch recently and manages to keep an incredibly upbeat attitude thru illness and other unfortunate life circumstances. I’d like her to know that she is most appreciated! She could use a break and a smile!

  127. Richard DeLisle

    I’d like to Nominate Jean Spurr who I’ve had the privilege to get to know from church. She is one of the sweetest ladies I know and always puts a smile on my face. She has been through a lot the last few years and deserves a nice surprise.

  128. Joyce T.

    I would like to nominate Stephanie T. She is a Nurse at a Massachusetts General Hospital and has been on the frontlines from the beginner group. She is also my daughters Maid of Honor. We’d like to thank her for her dedication and service.

  129. NAncy graysmith

    I would like to nominate Erin and her family. Her family includes three nurses and a young daughter who broke her ankle through this. I am sure it would put a smile in the entire family’s face!

  130. NAncy graysmith

    I would like to nominate Erin and her family. Her family includes three nurses and a young daughter who broke her ankle through this. I am sure it would put a smile in the entire family’s face! Second try due to error on email.

  131. Nancy

    I would like to nominate my husband as he is the strong patriarch of this family. He does everything from childcare for his grandchildren in Newbury to bring a friend to all!

  132. NAncy graysmith

    I would like to nominate Jackie smith from Haverhill a mother grandmother and great grandchildren if may! Not only friends but neighbors and family.

  133. Mary Murphy

    I would like to nominate Susan Inman, she is an amazing friend I have had for over 40 years! Sue has been an unwavering support system for me to include housing me and my family when I needed a place to stay, driving me back and forth to work when I broke my leg, and shopping for me during the pandemic when I was unable to go. She even drove me to my daughter’s dean’s list ceremony when I was unable to drive! She has supported my entire family including our dog, who she showers with affection. She goes above and beyond anytime you ask her for anything and does it all with a happy heart and a big smile on her face. She is the most giving, selfless individual I know and an inspiration. Her husband and daughters reflect her spirit and are just as amazing as she is. Sue works tirelessly for the town she lives in and the surrounding community. Just ask me!

  134. Desiree Edwards

    I’d like to nominate Jen A. She has been organizing a private health group online and free workout zooms for her group and is SO inspiring! Many of the members have made huge strides in their lives due to her guidance. She deserves a smile bouquet. Thank you for doing this Nunan’s!

  135. Danielle Santapaola

    I’d like to nominate my mother Cindy Waldner. She’s had to quarantine away from my family but still makes us dinner once a week. Being alone has been hard for her and I know a bouquet would cheer her up. My mom is selfless and giving and more than deserving.

  136. Denise

    I would like to nominate Keri McNulty this week. She has an autoimmune condition and has been working from home since the beginning of March.
    She has been diligently sheltering at home. I know that it has been a struggle for her daily. She misses her life, her co-workers and most of her family.
    She could absolutely use some happy sunshine in her life. Spring is here and flowers always have a way of lifting everyone’s spirits.

  137. Cheryl Floyd

    I would like to nominate Father Dan McCoy of Saint Mary Parish. Many of us miss going to Mass and hearing Father Dan’s wise and kind words. Father Dan has gone from seeing hundreds of people a week to no Mass with the flock. In the meantime, he continues to minister from a far to the sick, dying and families at very small funeral services. In addition, he’s been worried about his Mom as she is in a Nursing Home and has had a difficult time not seeing him in person. Thank you for this consideration.

  138. Paula Burgess

    I would like to nominate Maura M. She is a respiratory nurse and has been for many years. We all can imagine what she has been experiencing during these last few months. In addition, she is the mother-in-law to my son. Maura hasn’t been able to see her first grandchild, 20 months old, due to the Covid. She is so giving and such a hard worker. She deserves a smile bouquet. Thank you for considering.

  139. Catherine Twiss

    I would like to nominate my neighbors, Annie and Ryan, whose 9 month old baby is still fighting cancer. Flowers are a small gesture that would bring a smile to their faces, in these most unsettled times. Not only are we in the middle of a pandemic, but they are fighting this at the same time. Thank you for considering my nomination, and for all you do for our community.
    Catherine Twiss

  140. Susan M Craver

    I would like to nominate a customer of yours, Barbara B-D….she’s retiring this Friday after many long years and could use a “pick me up”…..thank you!

  141. Brenda Miller

    I would like to nominate Heather Morin at Masconomet Healthcare. She is a nurse who has been going way above & beyond since the pandemic devastated our building. She has been working many long days. After putting in those long days she heads home to be a great mom to her three children. It would be great to surprise her with a smile bouquet!

  142. elizabeth lowell

    I would like to nominate an amazing mom of 3, daughter and aunt, who during this time has transformed our office from a “regular primary care pediatric” office to an amazing COVID testing, CARE in the tent amazing safe environment for our coworkers and our patients. We flourished during this time under her leadership.

  143. Jessica

    I would like to nominate my sister, Liz C. She is a teacher and a single mom and she is going above and beyond to make sure her students are learning and receiving services during this difficult time. Thanks!

  144. Katherine Diaz

    I would like a smile bouquet sent to Carmel Dumond at CVS pharmacy. She is our fearless and calming pharmacist who has COVID touch her family. It has not deterred her from coming to work and calmed our fears. She remind us to wipe counters down and wash our hands and pull our masks up as we converse with our customers. Her faith and love for all of us has helped us to come to work everyday during this scary time but sure would cheer her up as she struggles to keep us happy

  145. Katherine

    I would like to nominate MaryJo C, who is a nurse in Haverhil, wife, and mother of two adult children who are also nurses and fighting on the front lines of the pandemic in NYC and NH. Her passion for advocating for her patients and tough-love influenced two similarly patient and strong nurses, and her sense of humor and leadership pulls everyone who knows her through the tougher times.

  146. Caroline Gregan

    Thank you for doing this. I know you pick randomly, so it doesn’t matter why I am making this nomination. Nonetheless, I would like to share a few reasons for my nomination of Earl Sheldon Hunt. First, he was once a very active member of the Georgetown community. After his wife passed away, he began volunteering at the Essex County Correctional Facility. He served almost full time as a volunteer, bringing much joy to the hearts of countless inmates. He also was an active volunteer helping men post-release. He’s driven more men to more courthouse or treatment programs than we can count. Every Sunday, he filled his van with anyone in need of a ride to church – not to mention the many rides he provided to single moms or the elderly who had to get to a doctor appointment or super market. He volunteered with the homeless. He volunteered anywhere he could be of service. Now, with his health leaving him in need of daily care, he lives at a facility in Haverhill and is without visits due to the virus. A bouquet of flowers would bring a needed smile. And, knowing Sheldon, he’d be sure all the ladies and nurses on his floor received a flower from the bunch.


    I would like to nominate Kathleen Tarullo. She has been battling breast cancer since last July. She just finished her chemo and now she has to start rediation. She has lost all her hair and trying to keep positive. She will not finish her treatments till January 2021. She has been very strong and the flowers would be a real pick me up. It has been a long battle.

  148. Robin Foss

    Noreen Berkland, a dedicated member of Garden Friends of Georgetown, selflessly gives a huge amount of time and effort to raise enough money to pay for the beautiful hanging baskets that adorn our downtown area. As a lover of flowers and service to the community, she definitely deserves one of your special arrangements.

  149. John Mannino

    I’d like to nominate Lynn Shane – a person who shares her love of music and education throughout the community – be it Winchester, SSU, or FCW to name a few. Always with a smile and kind words!

  150. Stephanie Vasquez

    I would like to nominate my sister Jury Ramos. She has been such an inspiration. She is a wonderful and caring person who i look up to in many ways. She is a God loving women, thoughtful wife, and hardworking mother. She puts others first even when she may be in need without thinking twice about it. I am blessed to not only cal her my sister but my best friend. ❤

  151. Cate Ryan

    I nominate Veteran Rick Citroni, Masconomet Health Center, Topsfield, full-time patient, with a life-long injury from a motorcycle accident in 1982 when he was 27 years old,, a seizure disorder and now, with Covid 19. He’s only 64 years old, has a heart of gold, and makes everyone’s day a little brighter. Let’s make his day brighter!

  152. Tricia Saunders

    I would Sincerely like to nominate LISA COTTING for the flower nomination delivery Lisa is so kind she will make food during this pandemic bring it to friends and neighbors that she thinks may need it she’ll always be there for you and it truly would be special to see something done for her plus her birthday is May 21 so that would be truly a genuine surprise for her thank you for letting me submit this request this way I appreciate it Megan thanks again Tricia Saunders

  153. Kali Reed

    I would like to nominate my dear friend, Barb Bisceglia. She is a mother of 3 (under 4), a Montessori teacher/inspiration to many, and currently working full time from home. Barb and her husband love flowers, plants, and gardening with their 3 kids in memory of her MIL, Sue, that they lost from Cancer just 2 years ago. Barb recently lost her Uncle and I know the flowers would bring her a much needed smile during a grim time. Thank you, Nunans, for this wonderful gift you are giving to many!

  154. Alfredo

    I would like to nominate my wife Yahaira because in difficult moments like the one we’re currently going through she’s always been by my side supporting all way. She’s loving, caring and works very hard I LOVE HER SO MUCH!.

  155. Marianne Rutter

    I would like to nominate my dear friends Helen and Curt Bryant of Rowley. They are more than friends, they are “framily,” and have been there for me for many years, never more than throughout this difficult time.

  156. Maureen Haley

    I would like to nominate our neighbor Bonnie Bowes. She is such a kind and caring person, always there ready to lend a hand. volunteering every week at the local food pantry is just one example of who Bonnie is. When she found out I was sick (yeah, the stupid virus got me) she swung by and dropped off dinner for my family. What a wonderful surprise. Bonnie is someone who is always there for everyone else and never asks for a thing for herself. Thanks, I really hope you pick Bonnie <3

  157. Sara Ponikvar

    I would like to nominate Katie and Jay M of Newbury. They have been working hard on the front lines during this time of Covid-19. Jay is a police officer and Katie is an in home OT. Both of them are working hard to serve their communities.

  158. Jess Hargrave

    I’d like to nominate my Mom, Diane DeTingo of Merrimac , MA. She had an accident at home while quarantining and actually broke her ankle and her knee ! She has spent the entire pandemic trying to regain her footing and I think she would love a surprise floral delivery-& she loves Nunans !

  159. Ellen D Grenier

    I would like to nominate my daughter, Meredith S. She always has time” to lend a helping hand.”

  160. Melanie Hill

    My mom, Bertha Hill! Raised a LARGE family and has had a difficult year. Flowers are her happy place!

  161. Patricia Pascucelli

    FYI: Meredith lives in Newburyport, but works in Boston.
    Thank you for this generous and altruistic business practice!

    I would like to nominate my youngest daughter, Meredith, who is working hard as a nurse at Beth Israel Hospital. Her perseverance and smiles are noble and inspiring. She would be very touched with a surprise delivery, as flowers and plants are her off-duty passion.

  162. Julie

    I would like to nominate Mrs. S, my son’s teacher. She has gone above and beyond to ensure that we are all coping well with remote learning which has been a difficult time for us with 2 full-tine working parents. She is an amazing woman and teacher 🙂

  163. Tricia Saunders

    I would like to nominate Susan Rich of Danvers. She is a school nurse and during the pandemic works with the board of health to help keep track of Covid 19 cases. She is a genuinely nice person!

  164. Mary

    I would like to nominate Cindy Z. She is an amazing nurse who goes above and beyond everyday. The past few months, though, she has helped so many to feel safe and cared for with whatever they needed at home.

  165. Deborah

    I would like to nominate Bee L. She has been my best friend for over a decade! She deserves some pretty flowers to brighten up her life. Thanks!

  166. Kathy

    I’d like to nominate Ginny M. She’s been battling cancer and has been a true warrior. It would be so nice to make her smile with a bouquet.

  167. Amy

    I would love for my son’s Special Needs Teacher, Sandy Z. to receive a beautiful bouquet! She has gone above and beyond to ensure all of his needs are met. Not only at the beginning of the year, but through remote learning when things have been challenging. She has supported my son as well as myself through the whole process. Her kindness is truly appreciated and hasn’t gone unnoticed. Thank you Sandy from the bottom of our !

  168. Erica Buchholz

    I would like to nominate my friend and co-worker Ernestine who is retiring after teaching high school for 47 years! She is the most patient and kind woman, who deserves a surprise!

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