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Keeping Annuals Beautiful Into Autumn

Now that the dog days of summer are here, by now your annuals may be looking slightly worse for wear. Hot and dry temperatures cause plants to dry out rapidly, and drooping blooms are not an attractive sight in the garden. Wind paired with hot weather can also do some decent damage to plants, but we’ve got just the tips you need to keep your annuals blossoming and thriving until it’s time to dispose of them in the fall.

  • You should increase your watering as plants become root-bound; this pertains mostly to hanging baskets, but always be sure check against overwatering as well.
    • Signs of an overwatered plant include droopiness, despite being wet, and light green in color as opposed to a healthy, lush green.
    • Remember, under-watering is easier to fix than overwatering.
  • As you increase your watering schedule, so should you fertilize more regularly at a minimum of once a week; twice a week is preferable, though, as fertilizer is leeched out of hanging baskets and containers faster the more often you water them. The extra nutrients are crucial in keeping your plants healthy and looking beautiful.
  • If your petunias are looking leggy and straggly, don’t be afraid to give them a haircut about 3 or 4 inches to reinvigorate them.

The trick to keeping annuals alive and healthy all the way until fall is an even, consistent balance between increased watering and fertilizing. Do this, and your plants will look gorgeous all season long!

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