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Guide: Propagating Pothos

Pothos make incredible houseplants. Under the right conditions, the trailing foliage will bush out into a lush plant with bright green or variegated foliage. Pothos are very tolerant of low light, making them a perfect addition to a bathroom. Because of their easy maintenance, it comes as no surprise that they’re very easy to propagate. Here are some tips if you want to grow a new pothos plant from an existing one:

  • Begin with cutting a decent-sized branch off your pothos plant, usually around 4-6 inches, and make sure there are at least four leaves
  • Remove the leaf or leaves closest to the cut end of the branch
  • Pothos propagate easily in water, so an old jelly jar is perfect for rooting pothos
  • Place the stem in water in a sunny location, but not in direct sunlight
  • Roots will begin to show, and about a month after this happens, plant your pothos in soil
    • Tip: the longer you keep your pothos in water once roots begin showing, the harder it will be for it to take to soil
  • You can begin treating the plant as you would your other houseplants

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Propagating Pothos