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Guide: Gardening Tips for January

January is a tough time for gardening. The weather is cold and dry, and the snow can do damage to your evergreen trees and shrubs. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do both outside and inside your home to prepare for this year’s growing season:

  1. Remove “unnatural” snow from trees and shrubs. Though we haven’t had much snowfall this year so far, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen! When the snow comes, be sure to
  2. remove any snow that’s accumulated from snow plows or snow blowers. The extra weight of snow can cause bough breakage, so it’s important to keep the branches as free of snow as possible.
  3. Bring in any unused containers, especially ceramic. In the winter, containers can crack and chip due to the freezing, thawing, and refreezing that comes with winter. Ceramic pots are especially victims of this, so make sure to bring in any empty containers and store them until the spring.
  4. Remember to feed the birds. During this time of year, natural resources for wild birds are very low. Use a suet with a good protein-based bird seed to keep them fed and happy this winter.
  5. Plan out your spring garden. It’s never too early to plan your annual and perennial gardens! Use this time inside to research new plants you might want to try, as well as different habits, varieties, and performances.
  6. Don’t forget the houseplants! No doubt your house is probably pretty dry right now. Mist plants that love humidity such as gardenias, hibiscus, orchids, and ferns once a month to give them a reprieve from the dryness. A saucer filled with stones and water also works to provide humidity. Be sure to not fertilize your houseplants this time of year, either. Winter months are used for the dormant or sleeping period in houseplants.
  7. Deer are hungry! You can protect your evergreens from feeding deer using Liquid Fence or hot pepper wax.

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