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Moving Forward with Lawn Preparations

Spring is almost here, but March is always a roller coaster. In the chance that the snow is over and done, and your yard is visible, you can begin the process of preparing your lawn for a brand new season. We’re sure your lawn looks yellow and brown and unattractive, but that will remedy itself once the weather gets warm and we have consistent rainfall. For now, follow these tips to keep yourself busy while we wait for that beautiful sunshine:

  • If you can get outdoors and there is no snow cover, it wouldn’t hurt to lime your lawn at a rate of 50lbs per 1,000sq ft. This should raise the pH about .5 point. Try to lime in one-month intervals, but no more.
  • If the ground has started to thaw out, now is a good time to take soil samples and test them for pH, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash levels.
  • It’s not too early if it stays above 40 degrees to start fertilizing all of your trees and shrubs. We recommend MNLA 8-8-8 but for evergreens, hollies, and rhododendrons, we recommend Holly-Tone for those acid-loving shrubs.
  • Signs of spring! You can start your flower seeds indoors now and come see us! We have a beautiful selection from flowers to veggies and herbs.



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