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Prepping Your Garden for Spring: Essential March Tasks for Your Home Landscape

As the frost of winter recedes and the promise of spring peeks through here in Georgetown, it’s time for gardeners to begin the annual tradition of readying their gardens for the months ahead. March is a crucial month for planting the seeds of your garden’s success, and at Nunan Garden Center, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best advice, products, and services to ensure a flourishing season. Here’s your essential guide to spring garden preparation, featuring our top product and service recommendations.

1. Clean and Clear Garden Beds

Kick off your spring preparations by tidying up your garden beds. Removing debris, old leaves, and last season’s perennials will help keep pests and diseases at bay. To protect beneficial insects that overwinter in the debris, wait until the weather consistently warms up before cleaning. Refresh your beds afterwards with Coast of Maine mulch products, which offer superior protection and enhancement for your soil and plants.

2. Prune with Precision

Early spring is the ideal time for pruning most shrubs and trees. Focus on cutting away any dead or damaged branches. For those lovely spring bloomers, make sure to prune only after they have flowered to avoid accidentally removing this year’s blooms.

3. Soil Care for Success

Early March is the perfect time to test your soil and find out what amendments it might need. Compost can greatly improve soil structure and fertility. Our team at Nunan Garden Center can recommend the right products based on your soil’s specific requirements.

4. Embrace Early Planting

Now is the moment to get those cool-season crops into the ground. For lawns in need of a little TLC, Jonathan Green grass seed, with its blend suited for New England climates, ensures your grass will be green and lush.

5. Lawn Preparation

A thorough rake to remove thatch and debris, followed by overseeding with Jonathan Green grass seed, will revitalize your lawn. Applying a slow-release fertilizer towards the end of the month will promote vigorous growth as temperatures rise.

6. Mulch with Care

Applying Coast of Maine mulch products now will help your garden retain moisture, keep soil temperatures stable, and suppress weed growth. A simple step with significant benefits for plant health and garden aesthetics.

7. Start Composting

If you haven’t started composting, now is a great time. Composting is an excellent way to enrich your garden soil and support sustainable gardening practices. Our experts at Nunan Garden Center can help you set up a compost system that meets your garden’s needs.

8. Attract Feathered Friends

Ensure your birdhouses and feeders are clean and ready to welcome spring visitors. Birds not only add life and beauty to your garden but also help control pest populations.

9. Garden Design and Planning

Thinking of redesigning or simply refreshing your garden? Nunan Garden Center staff can offer ideas and design tips that can help bring your vision to life. Our experts are here to guide you from on your Spring projects, ensuring your space is both beautiful and functional.

10. Pest Vigilance

As the weather warms, keep an eye out for early signs of pests. Prompt action can prevent them from becoming a problem. Nunan Garden Center provides a range of environmentally friendly pest control solutions to keep your garden healthy.

Visit Us for Personalized Advice and More

Eager to get started on your spring garden preparations? Visit us at Nunan Garden Center for personalized advice from our gardening experts. And don’t forget to the Nunan Rewards App, which promises to make your gardening experience even more rewarding. No matter your level of gardening expertise, we’re here to support your gardening journey every step of the way. Click here for more information.

Happy Gardening from the Team at Nunan Garden Center!

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