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Your Winter Gardening Checklist

It’s a blizzard out there! During the harsh cold of winter, it’s important to continue to maintain trees and shrubs as you do in the spring and summer! Here are a few tips to help keep your trees and shrubs flowering for the next season.

Winter Gardening Outdoors

  • Be sure to brush off any “unnatural” snow build-up, such as snow from plows and snowblowers, on evergreens to prevent bough breakage. It’s also important to apply an anti-desiccant (natural protective spray for needles and leaves) such as Wilt Pruf to any broadleaf evergreens such as azaleas, rhododendrons, and hollies. This will reduce moisture loss during the cold, windy winter.
  • If we happen to have a dry, snowless winter when temperatures are around 40 degrees, it’s important to try and get out to water your plants. January is also a good time to prune back your shade trees and fruit trees!
  • Keep an eye out for those hungry deer! Protect your plants with Deer Off or hot pepper wax.
  • If you have any unused containers that are completely empty hanging around outside, it’s important to turn them over to prevent freezing and cracking. Any plants growing in containers should be placed in a sheltered area out of the wind and snow. You can also insulate your pots to stop the freezing and thawing, which can destroy the roots.
  • Prevent any accidents while out this winter! If you have ice built up on sidewalks or walkways, use a good quality ice melt to clear them out. Avoid anything salt-based that will leach into your gardens and lawn.
  • If you’re a bird lover, it’s time to feed them because natural sources are very low now. Use a suet along with a good protein-based bird seed to keep them happythis winter.

Winter Gardening Indoors

  • Start planning your spring garden design! Early planting allows time to research plants, habits, and performances. Our garden center is well-stocked and full of color with African violets, begonias, kalanchoes, orchids, and other beautiful flowering plants to keep your home looking colorful.
  • Chances are the cold winter is keeping your house pretty dry. Try to mist gardenias, hibiscus, and ferns once a month to give them a little humidity.
  • Try not to fertilize any of your houseplants this time of the year. These months are used for the dormant or sleeping period.
  • Keep an eye out for insect problems on your houseplant leaves such as scale, mites, and mealybugs. If you detect a problem bring in a leaf or two so our knowledgeable staff can help you diagnose the problem.
  • If you start to notice some leaves on your houseplants turning yellow or brown, they might be too warm, too dry in terms of humidity, or not getting enough water. If you are not sure of the problem, let us take a look. Bring it in or give us a call!
  • This may also be a good time to repot some houseplants that need it. If you see roots growing out of the bottom drainage holes or out of the top of the pot, we suggest to go up 2-3” in pot size.

Come see us for all of your winter gardening needs!
Our Garden Center is open year-round, 7 days a week.

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