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September Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

September is a month of love, and the official birth flowers for people born in the month are Asters and the Morning Glory. Aster is a flower that can be interpreted as a symbol of all-powerful love, and it comes in many colors, including white, pink, purple, and yellow. Morning glory, on the other hand, is a flower that symbolizes unrequited love. Its petals open in the morning and reveal star-like centers. 

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful bouquet for a loved one or need a simple vase to make a statement in your home, asters and morning glories are perfect flowers for the month of September. Visit our florist shop to learn more about these spectacular flowers. Learn more about September birthday flowers and their symbolic meanings in this article. 

Asters – A September Birth Flower

If your loved one is born in September, you might want to give them a bouquet of colorful asters. While the name of this September birth flower sounds like an ordinary weed, this flower is sacred to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Asters belong to the perennial plant types and have composite blossoms with long petals and a central core, making them a beautiful addition to the landscape. These flowers come in various colors but are best known for their bluish-purple hue. Contact us to purchase a birthday flowers delivery for your loved one!

What Do Asters Symbolize? 

Aster is the birth flower for September and has many exciting meanings, and among these are love, faith, purity, and fidelity. Asters are available in many colors, including pink, blue, white, and purple, and each color carries a different meaning. If you want to gift your love a flower in September, Aster makes a great option. 

Pink and red asters symbolize love. Whether in love or just looking to impress a new crush, asters make beautiful, romantic gifts. . Being one of the most beautiful September birthday flowers, Asters makes a good choice for wedding bouquets, and even home decorations for newly married people. If you want to convey a romantic message to your loved ones, contact Nunan’s Florist shop to order now! 

The green aster is considered a symbol of faith. The flower’s meaning is complex and varied, ranging from being the emblem of the goddess Venus to being a symbol of trust and patience. A white aster is a symbol of purity, innocence, and loyalty. Asters are often given wedding anniversary gifts. They also make a perfect flower to give to a new baby. To know more about this September birth flower, contact our professional florists at Nunan.

Facts About Aster 

The flower’s name is derived from ancient Greek mythology. It is said to bloom from the tears of the goddess of justice, Astrea when she began to cry after the evil Pandora opened her box, and her tears became the aster flowers. This September birth flower was also revered in the Roman culture, where asters were an icon of the goddess of love, Venus. Ancient Greek mythology used the aster flower to protect from serpents and evil spirits. They were also used as sacred flowers by Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and were frequently used as decorations in temples and altars. 

Where to buy Asters? 

Thinking about gifting a flower in September, think about Asters. Buy flowers online from us, or visit our florist shop in Georgetown, MA, USA. We offer an extensive collection of colorful flowers for all your needs and requirements. 


Morning Glory – A September Birth Flower 

Morning glories are the beautiful September birthday flowers to add to any garden. They are perennial plants that can be planted right after the last frost. The flowers are prolific and can grow up to 10 feet tall. The plant can tolerate poor soil and can grow in full sun or partial shade. This September birth flower has heart-shaped leaves and slender stems and comes in various colors like bright red and pink, deep blue, and ornate. The flower symbolizes love and affection and is said to have spiritual properties. Get in touch with us to make a birthday flowers delivery to your loved one. 

What Does Morning Glory Symbolize? 

The morning glory flower has many different meanings, including love and life. This popular September birth flower has been used as a symbol of love in ancient Chinese mythology. It also symbolizes rebirth and energy, and its meaning varies depending on the color of the bloom. Looking to gift a beautiful bouquet of morning glories to your loved ones? Call us for a birthday flowers delivery now! 

The Morning Glory is a symbol of devotion. Its bright red and pink colors represent romance and love. It is often used in wedding bouquets. According to Chinese tradition, the flower symbolizes the day when two lovers can meet, despite the difficulties of their relationship. In Japan, morning glory flowers are often gifted between lovers. 

The Morning Glory flower in September is often associated with royalty and nobility. In ancient times, it was used to signify wealth. It was expensive to dye, and only a single snail shell yielded enough dye. It has become a symbol of royalty, wealth, and nobility. Its beauty also contributes to its symbolism. In many cultures, morning glory also represents trust and safety. A morning glory flower can mean a person is safe and secure.

Facts About Morning Glory

The flower has a rich history of medicinal uses. In the past, native Americans used the flower’s roots and leaves to make tea. They also used them to cure headaches and coughs. In Victorian times, the flower was used as a symbol of never-ending love. It was also used to mark the graves of children, representing a heartfelt farewell. This September birth flower is highly associated with peace and harmony and helps relieve stress, and promotes relaxation. In addition, it promotes positive thinking and discourages negative thinking. Morning glory makes a perfect flowering plant for your backyard or home garden.

Where to buy Morning Glory?  

Morning glory can be your all-time favorite flower in September. Best shop to order flowers online from us or visit our florist shop in Georgetown, MA, USA. We have an extensive collection of colorful flowers for all your needs and requirements.

Key Takeaways 

September flowers can be a thoughtful choice for birthdays, anniversaries, or congratulatory moments. Asters and morning glories are the official flowers for September birthdays. They are beautiful, nectar-rich flowers blooming in late summer or early fall. The aster symbolizes love, faith, courage, and patience and can be found in wide varieties. Morning glories represent undivided love and affection and are associated with healing and rebirth. Morning glories are an excellent choice for gifts for a September birthday. 


Below given are some of the Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q.1. What is the official flower for September? 

Aster & Morning Glory are the official flowers for September. 


Q.2. What flower represents September? 

The September birthday flowers are the aster and the morning glory representing love, affection, innocence, and purity. 


Q.3. What color is the September flower? 

The September birthday flowers are Aster and Morning Glory. They bloom in various colors, such as blue, pink, purple, white, and red, where each color signifies some specific meaning. 


Q.4. Why does September have two flowers? 

September birthday flowers are the morning glory and aster. These delightful flowers represent delicacy, magic, and love. 


Q.5. What is a Virgo birth flower? 

The Virgo sign flower is Chrysanthemum. These flowers bloom just before the cold winters and thrive strongly during extreme weather conditions. 

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