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9 Best Trending Flowers To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Family

Thanksgiving flowers are a great way to express gratitude and love to family and friends.  Thanksgiving Day flowers should complement the colors , the ambiance, and the theme of your thanksgiving celebration.

There are many choices when you want to send the best thanksgiving flowers to someone.

Some popular thanksgiving flower arrangements include Roses, Daisies, Lilies, Asters, and many more. You don’t need to worry about where you can get them, as there are plenty of online flower shops with ready-made bouquets for Thanksgiving.

Below  are the top 9 trending flowers for Thanksgiving:

1. Roses

Thanksgiving roses are a timeless gift for the holiday. They symbolize love and gratitude towards family and loved ones. Choose red roses as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, as they are considered an unofficial color of Thanksgiving. And they’re a safe bet – roses come in various colors and are always appreciated! It’s a unique way to show gratitude to your loved ones.

2. Gerbera Daisies

thanksgiving Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are an excellent choice for Thanksgiving flowers. They are one of the best thanksgiving flowers for several reasons. Not only do they have a long vase life, but they enhance the overall beauty of any bouquet arrangements for Thanksgiving. Another benefit of gerberas is that they are affordable and can be bought anywhere. If you are still deciding which flower to choose for Thanksgiving, reach out to our well-experienced florist to know more.

4. Lilies 

thanksgiving Lilies

Lilies are beautiful flowers, perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re presenting a bouquet to someone special or preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, this bloom is sure to please. It is also one of the longest-lasting cut flowers. If you need a unique bouquet, consider purchasing fresh, colorful lilies from the Nunan Florist in Georgetown, MA. Just make sure to change the water every two days to keep your flowers fresh for as long as possible. 

5. Mums (Chrysanthemum) 

The timeless beauty of mums makes them the perfect choice for any Thanksgiving celebration. Whether you’re hosting a small dinner party or a large gathering, these flowers will make a statement. In addition to their beautiful bloom, mums are easy to grow and maintain. They come in many colors, making them perfect for large and small gatherings. They are also quite easy to care for. Contact our expert florist at Nunan to order your Thanksgiving bouquet now! 

6. Sunflowers 

Sunflowers are the perfect addition to your tablescape if you’re decorating for a Thanksgiving gathering. Sunflowers can be styled with greenery and tied with twine in mason jars. These thanksgiving flower arrangements are a great centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table and can also be used as table favors. If you’re serving Thanksgiving dinner outside, sunflowers also look wonderful on a tablescape in the backyard. Order sunflowers from Nunans Florist now! 

 7. Hydrangeas

thanksgiving Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are the perfect holiday flower to brighten your table. These plants are often grown as shrubs and feature huge, round blooms. The most common variety is the bigleaf variety, which has full, lush blooms but is also prone to falling out of a vase. If you’re planning to send a hydrangea bouquet, choose one with a small, shallow vase and trim off the leaves below the flowerhead. Get in touch with one of our florists to get more beautiful Thanksgiving bouquet ideas. 

8. Succulents    

 Succulents plant

A succulent is an excellent choice if you want to create a Thanksgiving flower arrangement that’s full of color. Not only do they look great indoors, but they are also incredibly easy to grow. Flowering succulents can even be used for cooking. Just remember that they remain in bloom for weeks before fading and falling. Adding succulents with thanksgiving day flowers can be a great idea to have really beautiful flower arrangements for Thanksgiving. 

 9. Carnations (Dianthus) 

A bouquet of carnations with other flowers like thanksgiving roses, daisies, and liliess is an excellent choice for Thanksgiving, and many other flowers are available for delivery. They look great paired with fresh eucalyptus or field greens—the perfect gift for any holiday or special occasion. Carnations are a beautiful choice for a Thanksgiving table centerpiece, combining the soft, elegant look perfectly with your Thanksgiving dinner. 

Thanksgiving is a special time for flowers, and flowers are the perfect way to bring the warmth of autumn into your celebration. Flower arrangements make the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner and an ideal backdrop for lots of pictures! In addition, flowers are an excellent way to add ambiance to any celebration and make the day even more memorable for guests. 

Key Takeaways 

Thanksgiving flower arrangements are a classic idea, but there are several ways to update the look and feel. These versatile arrangements work as centerpieces or table runners and can be placed in various locations around the table. Whether celebrating with friends and family or hosting your feast, you can use flower arrangements to set the tone and mood. Get in touch with Nunan florist in Georgetown, MA, to know more about the best flowers for Thanksgiving.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the flower for Thanksgiving? 

The commonly used flower for Thanksgiving are roses, tulips, sunflowers, daisies, and mums. 

 Are sunflowers a Thanksgiving flower? 

Yes, Sunflower is widely used in thanksgiving flower arrangements.

How do you make a Thanksgiving centerpiece with fresh flowers? 

Gather all the fresh flowers that you want in your Thanksgiving bouquet, and arrange them properly in a vase or a decorated basket to create a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece.


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