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9 Things You Must Know About Workplace Flower Etiquettes

Sending flowers to work is a nice gesture that can make someone feel special. However, it is essential to observe proper etiquette when sending flowers and if your co-workers will appreciate receiving flowers at work. Office settings aren’t always conducive to flowers, you might want to  consider if  flower delivery to workplace is right for your recepient.

If you have questions like “should, I send flowers for leaving a job’ or “how to send flowers to my wife at work,” you are just at the right place. Read along to know more and connect with us to get professional help when sending gifts or flower delivery to the workplace.

The corporate working population spends a considerable part of their day in the workplace. As it happens, it is quite natural to develop some personal and professional relationships that need to be cherished with fresh flower delivery on occasion.

HR usually hires floral delivery services to send out flowers coupled with chocolates and cakes to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, and employees’ achievements. But the whole game flips when it’s time to gift flowers to your friends, co-workers, or boss.

You should always be on your toes when you order flowers online for special people at the workplace to convey your best wishes with just the right emotions. Here are some basic workplace flower etiquettes that should always be followed to align with corporate work ethics.

Flowers For Boss / Senior

When sending flowers to your boss, you’ll need to be extra careful with the color of the flowers. In addition to avoiding controversial flowers, you should avoid sending balloons or large floral arrangements. Knowing that every type of flower has its symbolic meaning is essential. You should also consider the recipient’s work ethic and whether they appreciate receiving flowers at work.

Unless you share a personal bond, sending a birthday or anniversary gift to your boss should strictly be a team effort. If you are obliged to send work anniversary flowers, you should ensure that it is not delivered publicly.

Flowers For Boss Senior

An open display of these actions can be taken as a desperate attention-seeking behavior to favor superiors. Furthermore, red roses or other romantic flowers suggested by top flower delivery services are a big NO-NO. Heart-winning gerberas and tulips are better-suited options for your boss.

Flowers For Client / Business Partner

Although it’s tempting to buy your business partner or client a bouquet of beautiful flowers at work, you should do it thoughtfully and professionally. While red roses are inappropriate for their birthdays or anniversaries, sending them overly-priced flowers or expensive gifts may also send the wrong message.

Client or business partner relationships are remarkably delicate and require careful treading to avoid stepping on any toes. It is always a great idea to avoid getting personal while choosing work anniversary flowers for your clients or business partners.

Adding a personal touch when you order flowers online is only advised if you have known them for a long time. The ideal gift choices are carefully curated bouquets of daisies or orchids coupled with sweets, fruit baskets, dry fruit gift packs, or premium company commodities.

Flowers For Team Member / Co-Worker

Modern corporate policies allow fresh flower delivery as a traditional gift to celebrate achievements, birthdays, and anniversaries of co-workers. Gifting flowers in the workplace should be taken as a token of appreciation sent to honor employees’ hard work. Receiving flowers coupled with a personal message from seniors or bosses can also boost employee morale.

Additionally, you should avoid sending flowers via floral delivery services that can even remotely suggest something untoward or romantic to avoid controversies. Flower bouquets of yellow roses, peonies, daisies, or tulips express workplace sincerity the best. For those with allergies, you should place your trust in potted plants.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and personal gift for your team member or co-worker, consider sending a fresh bouquet of colorful flowers. You can find the perfect bouquet for them on our website. We even offer excellent customer service, so you’ll have no trouble getting the arrangement you want. 

Birthday Flowers

Birthday flowers can be an adorable way to celebrate someone’s birthday. However, when you send flowers to a workplace, you should keep a few things in mind. For example, you shouldn’t send red roses at work on your co-worker’s birthday, as it can give them the wrong message.

Birthdays are always special for individuals and making them feel appreciated with fresh blossoms from the top flower delivery services is a humbling gesture. Getting a custom-made floral arrangement for a coworker on their birthday is a great idea, but you should avoid using any romantic undertones.

Birthday Flowers

Subtly colored flowers like tulips and orchids are some top flower delivery choices for birthdays. You can also create custom flower-gift combinations with photo frames, books, or premium stationery without getting personal. Whichever present you choose, make sure the package size corresponds to your colleague’s desk size and is easy to carry.

Maternity Flowers

Maternity flowers should not be romantic. While it is nice to arrange flower delivery to workplace, avoid sending a bunch of red roses or heart-shaped chocolate boxes as they may find it inappropriate. Instead, opt for heart-warming gerberas or tulips. You should also make sure to choose flowers that fit the size of the desk. Also, check if they have any allergies to the flowers you plan to send them.

Fresh flower delivery as a gift for expecting mothers is a thoughtful gesture on your part. Mildly scented flowers coupled with edible treats or chocolates make the ideal gift for pregnant co-workers. In case you have to get a present for a baby shower or your team member is a new mom, cheerful flowers combined with stuffed toys, baby books, and baby gift boxes is your best option. And, as a tip, we recommend choosing sunflowers as they are known for reflecting new life and energy that will make any expecting mother feel excited.

Congratulatory Flowers

Colorful roses, lilies, and hydrangeas can add to your work anniversary flowers and are among the best options for expressing your warm wishes in the workplace. They are versatile, come in various colors, and can be matched to the recipient. Whether the recipient is a co-worker, a manager, or a business associate, a flower bouquet conveying congratulations is a good choice.

Promotions and achievements are the most celebrated events around the workplace. So much so that you can find yourself in multiple situations where congratulations are in order on the same day. The perfect gifts in such scenarios are fresh flowers or indoor plants procured from the nearest floral delivery services.

Additionally, you can attach a heartfelt congratulatory message to boost a close colleague’s morale. Ideally, peace lilies or hydrangeas strike the perfect balance of elegance and class while being easy to maintain, making them the ideal work anniversary flowers for office settings.

Get Well Soon Flowers

A handwritten note or writing ‘Get Well Soon’ will make a huge difference. Aside from sending the correct type of flowers at work, you should also consider the recipient’s favorite color and scent. You must also consider if the recipient is allergic to the flowers or not; you will not want to make their condition worse.

Falling ill and missing out on work to stay at home can be very frustrating. Hence, sending fresh flower delivery with gifts to sick colleagues stuck at home is a thoughtful way of showing your support. Bouquets of cheerfully colored flowers with a get well soon card are the perfect gifts to express your concerns and best wishes.

Get Well Soon Flowers

If you are aware of their personal preferences while you order flowers online, choosing a blooming potted plant or coupling the flowers with things to kill time during their recovery are also ideal gifting options. But the absolute best gift you can offer your sick co-workers is taking some work responsibilities off their plate in their absence. If you want to brighten your teammate’s day, yellow roses or sunkissed daffodils from our get well soon flower collection will surely do the trick.

Sympathy Flowers

Showing sympathy by sending flowers at work to colleagues is not an uncommon gesture. Many companies consider it a special gesture to let their employees know they care for them and have their back in difficult times. Sending a bouquet with a personalized message can bring a sigh of relief . Moreover, any employee would find it heart warming to receive a sympathy flower message from employer.

Few things are as painful as losing a loved one. For closely associated co-workers, attending the funeral procession is the best sign of respect and your support. Sympathy flowers from local floral delivery services are highly thoughtful in expressing condolences for your colleague’s loss.

Your team member will probably need some time off and someone to cover for them in their absence. During these challenging times, you should also consider checking in with the colleague’s family and making monetary contributions to support those in need.

Top flower delivery services suggest that white roses represent mourning and remembrance and are the most used sympathy flowers for sad occasions.

Retirement Flowers

When choosing the right flower arrangement, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you should be consistent. If you don’t give retirement flowers to every employee, they may think that you don’t like them. Secondly, you should be sure that the person you’re giving flowers to is comfortable receiving flowers at work .

Everything with a beginning has an end. Careers are similar, and colleagues often leave their job to move on to better opportunities or retire. If you know them well, expressing your gratitude for their companionship and work with fresh flower delivery over the years is essential.

To match the co-worker’s preference, floral gift baskets with a choice of wine, champagne, or sweets are ideal for implying your appreciation and enthusiasm. You can also plan a going-away party for friends to strengthen their resolve by showing your support for their future endeavors. Keep in mind that elaborate floral arrangements of orange and gold roses are ideal for making them feel special and appreciated when you order flowers online.

Whether they are work anniversary flowers or other blossoms, there are fine lines between sending flowers to different people on various occasions in the workplace. These unsaid boundaries need to be respected and maintained with careful consideration and serious effort.

Nunan’s Florist & Greenhouses offer the broadest range of top flower delivery options, including work anniversary flowers and fresh flower delivery services. We also provide local floral delivery services near you, or you can order flowers online here.

Key Takeaways 

Whether the recipient is a boss,  or an employee, remember that flower etiquette at workplaces varies from place to place. Some offices have stricter rules when it comes to flowers, and this should not be ignored. A simple bouquet of flowers, such as a daisy or a sunflower, can be a safe bet. You can also send a potted plant or a plant.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How to send flowers to someone at work? 

You can either buy the flowers from a local florist and get them delivered on your own, or visit some online flower shop and get delivered your choice of the bouquet of flowers at work.

  • How does flower gift work? 

Flower gifts can make anyone feel unique, valued, and appreciated. It’s a good act of kindness to gift someone colorful flowers and let them know they matter. 

  • When should you not send flowers? 

You should not send flowers to someone you hardly know or have worked with. Also, you shouldn’t send flowers for leaving a job if they had a bitter experience or unethical reasons for leaving the job.

  • Do you tip if someone sends you flowers? 

It’s not rude not to tip the person delivering your flowers; however, tipping is a kind gesture that can make someone’s day or bring a smile to someone’s face.

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