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5 Tropical Wedding Flower Ideas to Transform Any Venue Into Paradise

Do you plan to tie the knot very soon? Are you thinking of creative decoration ideas to transform your wedding venue into a paradise? Want to have something trendy to grab the attention of every guest?

Well, there are countless wedding décor ideas introduced lately, but the trend of tropical wedding flower ideas is something that will leave everyone speechless. The good news is you don’t have to travel to the tropics to get all that feel-good energy! Nunan Florist & Greenhouses will help you out!

No matter the wedding location and venue you choose, these lush and vibrant, magnificent leaves and flowers can help create a super chic, visually-appealing tropical paradise for your big day.

We’re sharing this fantastic guide to show how much we love this trend and why you should consider tropical wedding flower ideas. In this post, you’ll discover how to use tropical leaves and flowers for your wedding decoration, the types of flower arrangements, inspiration, and advice on how to use them.

From chair decor to ceremony arches to bouquets and reception details, you can wonderfully use these gorgeous tropical flowers even if you’re not marrying in the tropics!

Let’s have a quick look at the five most stunning tropical flower ideas for your wedding venue:

  1. Tropical Leaf & Flower Bouquet

The all-green blend of different textured leaves and vibrant flowers make the perfect statement bouquet.

Each flower and leaf used in the bouquet brings a vibe and aesthetic on its own. Birds of Paradise, Phalaenopsis Orchids, and Pin Cushion Protea are all fantastic choices when it comes to tropical wedding bouquet flowers. The Oncidium Orchids, Heliconia, and Bromeliad are other terrific options as well.

Areca palms are one of the most popular tropical leaves for bouquets. You can also opt for a sculptural stem or an oversize tropical leaf-like Monstera for maximum effect.

  1. Centerpiece Ideas For a Tropical Wedding

Tropical wedding decor means exciting colors, rich greens, and romantic island vibes. Dried palm, fresh garlands, dyed fronds, and the list goes on! Tropical greenery is gorgeous and quickly draws attention when adorned at the table.

Reception tables adorned with lush tropical leaves and flower arrangements in elegant, stylish clear vases look visually appealing to any guest. Large leaves simply placed down the center of tables in place of a table runner make a real impact on making your wedding venue perfect for your big day without breaking the bank.

  1. Tropical Flower Wedding Reception Decoration

When it comes to wedding receptions, drawing in tropical details can sometimes be as simple as reusing your ceremony decor. How about walkways flanked with monstera leaves? These tropical palm leaves are the perfect, simple wedding reception decor idea. Use them to beautify your walkways or as a wow factor wedding ceremony background.

Going with gorgeous hanging installations is also a great choice to mark the moment. A hanging wedding flower arrangement incorporates many trends and creates an accurate statement! Set the podium with bright, tropical flowers and leaves and pull in tropical-adjacent elements like cane, wood, and laced chargers.

These tropical touches will surely make the wedding decor a mesmerizing, fun, easy-going experience for everyone. Call us for more fabulous ideas.

  1. Tropical Wedding Cake

You can incorporate so many tropical details into your big-day venue, but tropical wedding cakes are an exclusive (and delicious) addition. Accomplish a simple and elegant look by pairing a white wedding cake with a mini pineapple and tropical leaves. You can even accent it with a tropical fruit filling, such as passionfruit, coconut, or pineapple.

If you’re throwing a modern celebration, choosing a sculpture-like, contemporary cake design inspired by tropical flowers will complement your overall style in a completely delicious manner. For a cohesive touch, the neutral tropical leaf detailing paired with a pop of color from a small cascading floral display makes for an outstanding balance.

  1. Exotic Tropical Bar

An exotic bar is a great way to jazz up any wedding party’s décor. And what could be more exciting than the tropics-inspired drinks display?

Lush green tropical leaves, focal flowers, and fillers will take your wedding decor to a new level. An adequately decorated bar can accentuate your wedding decoration, making it all dynamic and a joyous affair. A glass bar with florals, chandeliers, and candles would be a sure shot highlight for a luxurious touch.

The bar, with its ceiling wholly adorned with blooming flowers, is also one of the best wedding flower ideas to attract the guests’ attention.

A round bar not only has a spectacular visual impact but is also a great alternative to avoid long queues during cocktail hour. The round table decorated with tropical flowers allows the guest to enjoy the drinks from all angles and, at the same time, enjoy eye-catching and sensational flower décor.

Final Thoughts

Considering tropical florals for your wedding décor can really add a wow factor to your wedding ceremony. Try these wedding flower ideas mentioned above to enhance the overall appearance of your wedding venue. You can also contact our team for more tropical wedding flower ideas.

When you are looking for the latest tropical wedding flower ideas, you must have some doubts and questions in your mind. Here, we have answered the most common questions about the tropical flower arrangement.

1. What flowers go in a tropical arrangement?

Tropical flowers are native to the tropics, like the African Violet. They often have brilliant colors and geometrical shapes.

Saintpaulia, Amaryllis, Hippeastrum, Anthurium, Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia reginae, Blanket Flower, Gaillardia, Blood Lily, Scadocus multiflorus, Blue Passion Flower, Passiflora caerulea, and Bougainvillea are perfect for tropical flower arrangement in a wedding or any other event.

Choose these tropical arrangements if you want to send the gorgeous heat of the summer sun.

2. What is the most popular flower for weddings?

The answer to this comes down to personal preference. Besides the plethora of styles and color palettes, figuring out what specific blooms you want, especially if you aren’t a “flower lover,” can be a headache.

There are a thousand types of flowers that you can use, but the most common type of flowers used in wedding decoration are Roses and Lilies.

Roses are long considered a symbol of beauty and love. It is an attractive option when you want to add a hint of romance to the wedding décor.

Timeless and dearly beloved, Lily of the Valley is perhaps the most fantastic wedding flower when it comes to having a classy and chic style in your wedding venue.

Don’t restrict yourself to these two options for your wedding decoration. We suggest you fill your wedding’s floral arrangements with exotic flowers like hibiscus, protea, orchids, lush green palm, and banana leaves to go beyond the traditional décor.

3. What is in a tropical bouquet?

Each flower has its own beauty. Birds of Paradise, Phalaenopsis Orchids, and Pin Cushion Protea are all standard options when it comes to tropical wedding bouquet flowers. The unique Oncidium Orchids, Bromeliad, and Heliconia are also excellent choices. Now it’s up to you to decide which bridal bouquet style complements your wedding gown and the tone of your wedding ceremony.

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