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What Ever Happened To Secretary’s Day?

Sec1During World War II there was a desperate need for experienced administration professionals in the work place. In 1952, National Secretary’s Day was created to recognize the gravity and relevance of these types of roles within companies. The goal was to encourage more women to join the workforce in these capacities.

Secretary’s Day never disappeared, it just changed names and dates since inception. In 1981 the observance moved from June to the last week in April. In 2000, Secretary’s Day became what we refer to as Administrative Professional’s Week.

Although the whole week is dedicated to these professionals, typically Administrative Professionals’ Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday in April. This year it is observed on April 27th.

The reason for the name change is significant because these positions now encompass so much more than just secretarial duties. The responsibilities of these jobs have increased ten-fold! There are so many titles that now fall under the support team umbrella, that the name must be updated to allow for recognition of an entire subset of employees. The goal of the holiday remains the same: providing recognition to these professionals who are vital to the success of the business that they support.

These workers really do deserve both acknowledgement and gratitude, as their jobs are typically tough and require being calm and composed in the face of stress and deadlines. Taking a day of the year to recognize their achievements and say a brief “thank you” may not only boost their attitude, but also may improve workplace rapport and productiveness. Every employee would like to hear that they are excelling in their roles, and Administrative Professional’s Day is a reminder to do just that for your cornerstone personnel.

Say thank you with a beautiful flower arrangement.

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