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Lawn Care

Spring is officially here! The weather is warming up and the flowers and trees are starting to bloom. We cannot forget that it is also officially time to start…LAWN CARE. We are here for all your lawn care needs! We carry the Scotts 4-step program as well as the organic Espoma products. We also have all types of grass seed and the sod will be arriving by the end of the month.

So, when do you start? The answer to that question is NOW. Now that the threat of a severe frost is behind us, it is the perfect time to start to fertilizer your lawn, starting with the 1st step of the lawn care program of your choice. Raking lawns to remove any leftover leaves and debris will help ensure that the fertilizer will be evenly spread and will reveal any dead patches that may need to be reseeded.

Lawn Care MaterialsIt is also a great time to seed your lawn. We have a large selection of grass seed to meet your lawn’s needs. You can also feed and seed your lawn the same day with a starter lawn food to give your new lawn a boost. Just don’t forget about the daily watering that it will require, even on cool days. The key is to keep the top inch of soil consistently moist, but not soggy.

And don’t forget that if you run into any problems, we are here to answer any questions you may have.

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