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The Top 8 Easter Flower Gift Ideas

Whether it’s a tabletop arrangement of colorful flowers or a simple vase of beautiful stems, it’s easy to get excited about Easter flower arrangements ideas. Easter flower decorations bring immense joy and beauty and add meaning to the holidays, they also have a positive psychological effect.

There are many ways to use traditional Easter flowers for your spring decor. Depending upon your mood, budget, and availability of flowers, you can plan some enchanting Easter flower decorations. Our flower shop delivery services can help you get the best and fresh flowers for Easter.

A Traditional Easter Flower – White lilies

meaning of flowers - calla lily

Easter lilies are traditionally white and are associated with purity and innocence. This flower is also associated with the Christian faith and has religious significance. The Bible mentions lilies as a symbol of righteousness. Soon after its discovery in Japan, English and Bermuda horticulturists cultivated lily crops, and flower shops across the United States began calling them “Easter lilies.” And the white color of lilies has long been associated with purity and Resurrection. While white easter lilies grown locally are commonly used for Easter flower decorations by florists and decorators, there are many other options beyond this traditional bloom. If you are looking for some Easter bouquet ideas or planning to arrange Easter flower decorations, you’ll find this article useful. Read along to know more about Easter flower gifting ideas:


Community Daisies

Daisies are cheerful and bright flowers. They also smell lovely and are often given as gifts during Easter. This iconic flower symbolizes Spring and hope. White daisies, in particular, are symbolic of purity and serenity. Daisies may be the right choice for Easter bouquet ideas.



Everyone likes to include beautiful tulips in their Easter flower decorations. These sunny flowers bring cheer and joy. As the first flower to bloom in the spring, tulips bring a welcome splash of color after a monochrome winter season. They come in a wide range of colors and are the perfect flower for any occasion. While the yellow and purple varieties are considered royal, red and yellow tulips are considered to represent love and happiness. Reach out to us for our Georgetown flower delivery services and get fresh and colorful tulips.


yellow daffodil

The daffodil is the traditional flower commonly used during Easter. It symbolizes perseverance and hope. . Their fluffy petals are perfect for bouquets because they can be cut without wilting. Using daffodils as a traditional Easter flower will add to the beauty of your Easter flower decorations.


Azalea flower

Another traditional Easter flower is Azalea, which is one of the easiest-to-care-for flowers for springtime. They require little care, but they reward you with a spectacular blooms. You can even give azaleas to your family members to plant in their yard. Because they are hardy and require little maintenance. Include Azalea in your Easter flower ideas. Reach out to us for more fascinating ideas on Easter flower decorations.


hyacinth flower

The hyacinth plant or the ruby moon hyacinth plant blooms in Spring and is an excellent choice for Easter bouquet ideas. It symbolizes constancy and sincerity. Hyacinths are commonly used as a traditional Easter flower by many. While white hyacinths mean that the recipient is beautiful, the purple hyacinths signify playfulness.


iris flower

Iris is the traditional Easter flower and is often used to commemorate the Resurrection of Christ and his Passion. The flower’s name is derived from the Greek word for rainbow, and iris stands for “iris,” which means “rainbow.” The iris blooms in Spring and has three to four petals: the center petals stand upright as wave-like signal flags to attract pollinators. Their petals are decorated with markings to guide pollinators to the center and beards, which act as a gripping agent. The petals on the other sides, called “falls,” are flat and act as landing pads for pollinating insects. Whether in an outdoor pot or an indoor flower arrangement, the iris will brighten any space. The unique design of Iris makes them a perfect choice for Easter flower ideas.


Roses can be elegantly used for Easter bouquet ideas. If you are sending an Easter bouquet this year, you might want to consider roses. Roses are a classic choice for any occasion, and their fragrance is delightful at any time of year. These traditional flowers are known for their fragrance and long stems. These blooms are also known to represent love and renewal. Roses go well with daisies as they are complementary colors, and they add a bit of oomph to an Easter flower arrangement. Contact us for a reliable Georgetown flower delivery service to get the fresh roses for your Easter flower decorations.


meaning of flowers - hydrangea

Hydrangeas can be easily found in Easter flower decorations for their subtle beauty and dynamic textures. The giant bushes covered in blue and pink clusters of beautiful flowers make them attractive and unavoidable. These are the versatile flowers perfect for all your Easter bouquet ideas. Nunan’s (Garden Center, Nursery, Florist Shop, Greenhouse) can get you the most elegant and beautiful Hydrangeas for your Easter flower arrangements ideas. Contact us to get more Easter flower ideas that are trending in 2022.

Plants for Easter

Plants are a good choice for Easter bouquet ideas as they symbolize new life. You can add to your Easter flower decorations as they add volumes and make it look flourished, dense, and beautiful.

If you’d like to send an Easter bouquet to your family and friends and have no idea where to start, consider using the flowers mentioned above for your Easter bouquet ideas. Consider these traditional flowers for the perfect Easter flower ideas to give as a gift this year. These are synonymous with spring and embody the spirit of Easter. Get them in time and fresh only from us; we are known to deliver some of the best quality flowers in town.

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