Premium Soil Delivered! Our premium line of organic soils are perfect for lawns, plant beds, raised beds and vegetable gardens. NO chemicals added, just a rich and hearty base for ideal fertilization.

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Soil – Compost


No chemicals needed! You can enrich that garden with no chemicals. This compost is a natural fertilizer. It’s screened to ½” so it’s perfect for retaining some water while bringing a great blend of nutrients to your soil.

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Soil – Screened Loam


This is our best selling soil. It’s an organic loam with NO added toxic soils or chemicals and is sifted to ½” minus. It’s great for enrichment of your current soil and is perfect if you’re putting in a new lawn.

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Soil – Super Loam


Super rich in nutrition, and also known as “Plant Bed”, this is the ultimate choice for flower gardens. It contains 80% of our ½” sifted loam, and 20% of our organic compost.

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