Our premium mulch is ideal for retaining moisture in your soil, suppressing annoying weeds, preventing frost heaving in winter, keeping your soil cool in the summer and enhancing the look of your foliage or garden beds. It also benefits your soil’s structure as it decomposes and can help with draining issues. For most uses, we recommend a 3″ depth of mulch.

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Mulch – Hemlock


This ground blend of hemlock and spruce bark is our most popular mulch. It has just a slight color enhancement to give it a rich and rust red tone. Like all of our mulch, it’s great at maintaining moisture for the healthy growth of your gardens/flower beds.

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Mulch – Midnight Black


When you need to show-off some color, this is a great choice! Made with pine bark, the dark black tone is long-lasting and is a favorite for planting beds.

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Mulch – Playground


This is a great ‘kid cushion’! It is made with all natural blonde softwood fibers which have been double-ground. It is safe for playground areas and is ASTM 1292-09 Certified (required certification for areas zoned as playground) – so it’s great for your playground at home!

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Mulch – Spruce Mix


Our pine and spruce mix have an aromatic blend. Natural and rich brown hues are produced from northern pine and spruce. This is great for maintaining your garden as it retains moisture very well.

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