Meaning of Flowers: Love & Beauty


Meaning of Flowers: Love & Beauty

The simple act of giving someone flowers has meaning, whether it’s love, well wishes, congratulations, or get better. But did you know that every flower has it’s own meaning? Some flowers can inspire wealth and money, while others say happiness or beauty.

Thinking of giving someone flowers this Valentine’s Day? Read on and create the perfect arrangement that says “I love you” and more. Learn more about the meaning of flowers, and decide which ones you should give to the one you love!

Red Rose – Love and desire 

meaning of flowers - red rose

Gerbera Daisy – Cheerfulness

Calla Lily – Magnificence, beauty


meaning of flowers - calla lilyBird of Paradise – Joyfulness, magnificence

meaning of flowers - bird of paradise

Red Carnation – Love, pride and admiration

meaning of flowers - carnation

Hydrangea – Heartfelt emotions

meaning of flowers - hydrangea

Stargazer Lily – Optimism and limitless opportunity

message of flowers - stargazer lily

Orchid – Exotic beauty

meaning of flowers - orchid

Red Tulip – Perfect love

meaning of flowers - red tulip

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